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So….I’m a runner.  I had a hip replacement in January of 2012.   A month prior to my surgery, I started this blog to share my experience with anyone who might be facing the same fate down the road.  I wanted to show my weekly recovery progress and hopeful return to running.  Hence the name…hiprunner.com.  As the months have progressed, I have been contacted by other individuals in the same situation as me.  To make this blog more informative and well-rounded, I have asked them to share their stories and their reports as well, so in the side bar under “Hiprunner Reports”, they have a location for their reports.  We are the Hip Runner’s Club.  The primary purpose of this blog is to tell our stories of how we were or weren’t able to get back to running.    If you find yourself getting a hip replacement, and would like to become a member of the Hip Runner’s Club, we would love to have you share your story on this blog.  Click here to become a member.

8 Weeks Post Op- Zero Runner a Blessing

Eight weeks ago on December 11,2017 I had my second THR (right hip). Five years ago I had my first THR (left hip). After my first THR I waited five months before running but I consistently did a lot of biking, swimming and strength training  Fortunately, I have had no issues with the first THR and continued to run and participate in road races and triathlons until last October when the pain in my right hip prevented me from running. Just three weeks after my second THR I began running on the Zero Runner. I have progressed from five minutes in week three to thirty five minutes in week eight. I have some soreness after using the Zero Runner but no pain while on it. I feel like the Zero Runner has greatly assisted me with my rapid recovery. While I am anxious to run outdoors, I think I will stick with my plan to run only on the Zero Runner for the first four months before hitting the road. Also, at age 61, I intend to continue doing a substantial amount of my training on the Zero Runner. While I have no more hips to replace, I want to try to save my knees. I highly recommend the Zero Runner for all hipsters that can fit it into their budgets. Once again, thank you to Tom for recommending the Zero Runner.



Birmingham hip failure

Had a Birmingham hip resurfacing done in Jan 2018.  Two weeks later the femoral head broke off.  Now I have a total replacement.  Broken pieces were sent for pathology.  Do not have the results yet.  Plan on running with this one and not holding back.  If it only lasts 10 years or so then I just get a revision.

72 hours post surgery

I found this Web site Feb. 12, 2018, the day before I went in for total hip replacement surgery. But there’s even more to it than that. This would be my second hip surgery in six months. On May 8 I tripped on the sidewalk, stumbled and landed directly on the concrete with him left hip. It was a hard fall, but I was able to get up and walk the final mile of a six-mile run back to my house. I grabbed crutches (from a heel bone spur surgery a year prior), and two days later was using a cane. However, that Friday my leg felt tired and sore, and I went to Urgent Care to get an x-ray. Guess what? The urgent care didn’t have the right equipment. And the muscles in my upper leg seized, sending it into convulsions. Urgent Care folks had no clue what to do, gave me a muscle relaxer and suggested I get taken to ER. At that point I could barely drag my leg behind me. ER thought I had torn my abductor or maybe had a hernia. Both came back negative. They asked if I thought I’d broke my leg. I’ve been through bike crashes; I thought I knew if I’d broken something.

I figured I’d torn a couple muscles and–through massage and chiro–would recover. But two months later I still couldn’t put weight on it, and finally x-rayed it to find I’d fractured my hip. On August 9 I went through hip repair surgery, with five screws and a plate. My surgeon warned me there was a chance of the ball joint bone dying, but he thought the bones were very strong. On Thanksgiving I walked a 5K, and I thought I was back.

But by mid-December my leg started feeling weak, and by late January I was back on a cane. On Feb. 4 I went back to ER and found the ball joint bone was dying. On Feb. 13 I got a brand new ceramic-on-poly non-cement hip joint. I also had the old hardware removed, so for the next three weeks I have to be careful of putting full weight on the leg because I have five holes in the femur where screws use to be.

So there’s my story. I’m laying on the couch, avoiding flexing my hip more than 90 degrees, not crossing my legs and not turning my bad leg’s foot inside the knee. I’ve run nine marathons and three half-Ironmans. I’m not sure what the final goal will be, but I know I want to run again just so my final run is not the one where I fell and fractured my hip.

Thank you, everyone, for being out here. This Web site definitely gives me hope that I can run again.

23 month update


OMG!  The last thing that I remember before going under the knife was thinking ‘I’d rather be running Avalon’.  Holy Cow! This past Jan. 20, I woke up about a mile into the run.  I got my wish!  Here’s what I remember:

Right THR Mar. 2016. One year ago, I was running up to 13 or so miles at a time on trail. Jan. of 2018 I ran my first 50 mile run in 3 years. My time was slow, but this is the year for just finishing. I have some issues; some localized soreness, some stiffness, and I find that I am still protecting the new hip. None of these are big deals to me. Some things that I am doing; stretching, strengthening, bicycling once a week and wearing wide toe box, and well cushioned shoes, and paying attention to my stride and foot strike and taking time off. Some things that I have learned: running is good for me, running is not everything, be in good shape when you go in to get cut, don’t take the doctors literally.
..and hang in there..

Update from August 2016 THR: back in the game!

Scrambly section of the Water Sign Loop, a 21-mile backcountry “run” in Eureka Valley, Death Valley National Park.

Hi all, quick update to say that I am finally fully recovered after 18 months of careful progress. I trained for and completed my first trail marathon ever, in December 2017. I do everything I used to do and more, making the most of my second chance. Weight training has been invaluable for rehab and it’s now a habit. Had a few overuse injuries along the way but the new hip never gave me any trouble. In short, a home run. R hip still fine and hopefully will remain so. Happy to have found this site and share experiences with folks. We are so glad to have our lives back. Cheers everyone!

Punchy sand near Hidden Dunes, Eureka Valley.

Hip Runner 2018 Is……Drum Roll Please….

The first ever Hiprunner/Zero Runner® marathon is complete!  Thanks to all of you who turned out.  Winning by a landslide was Hip Runner Larry Schmidt.  Larry is actually double hip with 2 THR’s.  Additionally, Larry’s age gave him a handicap deduction of 5 seconds per minute spent exercising, which gave him an adjusted marathon time of 3:02:26.  Larry Schmidt is 2018’s HipRunner of the Year.  His pic and link to his Zero Runner® time will be prominently posted in the side bar for the remainder of the year.  Way to go Larry. We look forward to seeing if you can retain the crown in 2019.

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2018’s HipRunner/Zero Runner Marathon!



7.5 miles at 7.5 weeks post LTHR

Recovery continues to go well (LTHR 12/21/17). Ran 7.5 miles today (2/12/18) at an 8:05 pace, 7 1/2 weeks after getting my hip replaced. No significant pain.

Saturday (2/10/18) ran 6.4 miles at a 7:17 pace, which took a lot out of my legs, but hip felt good.

I continue to augment my running with strength training which I think helps tremendously, along with watching my diet closely.

For anyone considering a THR, its giving me my active life back. Prior to my surgery, I couldn’t run a mile without tremendous pain. I am hopeful I can get back to enjoying road races again.

Another improvement.

A different update, here. So instead of adding to the below list of 10Ks around a coupla lakes that I do, here’s a something-something.

So I have a near-20k route that I used to do two to three-times-a-week when I was running 110-150k/wk. So if you look at my first outing since that evil masochist sliced me open and sawed off my femur on Dec 2, 2016, nearly a year ago, I took my downhill ski poles and took 2:04:00 to hobble around the lakes – no running.

About a month ago, I ran for 2:03 and covered a hair over 20K – hilarious – twice as fast. The 20K has a big hill on it…and a few small hills, and really the first 5K is net up.

Now I used to run that route 1:20-1:30 depending on the purpose, so have come along way, but got a long way to go too!

I notice the skeletal muscle around the hip is healing much quicker that it did months ago, for example two days ago I ran 19.86K in 1:58. Today I ran around those lakes in 59:59 it was I would call moderate effort. I think in the fall I would need at least three days of recovery before running again….woohoo!

Everything is great.

54:40 – Friday, February 2
54:58 – Friday, January 19
55:47 – Wednesday, January -something
56:56 – Monday, September 26
57:55 – Thursday, September 20…
58:38 – Tuesday, September 12…finally sub-60, 21 minutes to go!
60:43 – Saturday, September 9 – haha cruel and unusual treatment.
1:01 – Friday, August 25 – Ugh…almost there.
1:04 – Thurs, June 15 – 1 hour faster than Feb 26th, first time out.
1:06 – Tues, May 30.
1:07 – Thurs, May 25*
1:08 – Thurs, May 18. (note to self: lose 30 pounds).
1:09 – Thurs, May 4. May the 4th was with me.
1:13 – Sat, April 29 – Need to do more physio. These are the only effort outings I have done….
1:15 – Thurs, April 13 – Taking a week or two off this route as I am just chasing time…
1:16 – Sun, April 9 – ran about 11-12 minutes – 48:00 improvement in 42 days – 10 laps.
1:18 – Thurs, April 6 – ran about 10 minutes
1:22 – Fri, March 31 – ran about 6-7 minutes total – 33 days since first trip around lakes.
1:25 – Sun, March 27 – ran about 6-7 minutes total
1:29 – Wed, March 23 – ran about 5-6 minutes total
1:35 – Sun, March 19 – ran about 1 minute total
1:38 – Thurs, March 16 – no running
1:47 – Sun, March 12 – no running
1:57 – Sun, March 5 – no running
2:04- Sun, Feb. 26 – no running


The off-road 10K that I have been doing (see efforts above) is actually about 6.06 miles, so 9.82 kms. In racing, it is typically one minute slower for runners around from 30:00 to 45:00 +/- a little on either end of the spectrum, because of the surface in comparison to their road 10K.


I used to run this in 37-45:00

Hip knee running connection

Hi. I am lifelong runner , hiker, bicycle commuter & triathlete with a specific question re. hip replacement recovery and running. Had anterior hip replacement on right hip March 2012. Before that did a lot of triathlons. Good quick recovery & back to jogging by that summer but did not run seriously as we did international work a couple of years with minimal running/ competition opportunity, then I had series of small injuries (not related to hip); last year it was a broken arm when I slipped trail running! I  would like to return to long distance triathlons. However if I run more than 5 miles I get a “popping” in right knee. My physical therapist says it’s weak hips & gave me lots of hip strengthening work. I wonder if right hip perpetually weaker because of artificial hip& puts more stress on knee. Has anyone else in the community had this issue and do you have advice on how to specifically target/strengthen weak right hip?  I do not get these problems cycling, hiking or backpacking. I do best on trail running and worst on flat pavement; alternating some with barefoot/toe shoe running seems to  ease stress on knees. I thought about more work in minimalist shoes; something I could use for triathlons that would be easier on knees but easy to slip on? (unlike toe shoes which make you crazy in transition).  Thanks for all/ any advice!