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Welcome to Hiprunner

So….I’m a runner.  I had a hip replacement in January of 2012.   A month prior to my surgery, I started this blog to share my experience with anyone who might be facing the same fate down the road.  I wanted to show my weekly recovery progress and hopeful return to running.  Hence the name…hiprunner.com.  As the months have progressed, I have been contacted by other individuals in the same situation as me.  To make this blog more informative and well-rounded, I have asked them to share their stories and their reports as well, so in the side bar under “Hiprunner Reports”, they have a location for their reports.  We are the Hip Runner’s Club.  The primary purpose of this blog is to tell our stories of how we were or weren’t able to get back to running.    If you find yourself getting a hip replacement, and would like to become a member of the Hip Runner’s Club, we would love to have you share your story on this blog.  Click here to become a member.

A day of milestones…

Today marked 10 days since my second THR (anterior…left this time). I graduated from the walker to the cane. And I got my bandage off. This scar is 2 cm longer than the right side…which is such a bummer because I was really hoping they’d be matching 🙁

hipscar2016 300x300 A day of milestones...

I washed my hair for the first time since surgery. I can now go up and down the stairs with just a light hold on the railing. It’s been a full week without pain meds…which translates into a full week of crapping every day. #winning


So…yeah…milestones 🙂


What I love the most about this website is not so much that it promotes or condones or celebrates running post THR, it’s more about the determination to not just take a bum hip lying down. Whether we run or not after surgery, we are all not going to be content to sit still, to take “no” for an answer, to be afraid.


I am so appreciative of this site. I am brimming with gratitude that I have a place to visit where there are folks going for the gusto more than I! I doubt that I’ll run again (anything more than chasing after my kids or escaping from an oncoming bus), but I’m enjoying doing so many other active things. I am enjoying LIFE!


So I’m here again. Post-op. Lurking in the shadows…seeing what sorts of inspiring things y’all are up to 🙂


To those who have yet to get their new hip(s)…remember:


Milk of Magnesia is your FRIEND.



4 Weeks post THR

What a great site!
Googling running after hip replacements and I come across this site…
There is hope.
I am so excited to see there are like minded runners out there who look outside the box to find a way to continue running.
I live in Port Moody BC Canada, suburb of Vancouver.
Former IM Triathlete, long time runner, competitive sports guy who is now 4 weeks post surgery. Thought my running life was done.

Its been 2 years since I had an enjoyable run without pain for days.
I have not felt this good in at least 4 years when all this started. I am  Pain free, sleeping again. The constant dull ache is gone. How that chronic pain can change a persons personality is crazy. I feel like I’m getting back to who I was before. So do the people around me.
Rehab is flying along even better than I anticipated. Back in the pool last week. Easy 200m swim, first day. 400 m second day. Felt great to be back in the water. Rode the stationary bike. 5 min, day 1 then 10 min day 2.
Cycling had become my go to therapy after running became a non starter. The indoor trainer will be set up as soon as I can comfortably and safely get on.

Another pool and bike day today.
Walking every other day 2-2.5km. With 1 crutch. Walking more each day crutch free. We got our first snow storm in 2-3 years yesterday so that may slow me down on the walking.
I am so motivated now to really see some light that I may run again. I may even get to race again! That is so cool.
Just finished reading How to run with a hip Replacement. Very good read. Very enlightening.

I see my surgeon for the first time in early Jan. I will ask all the questions about running again but I’m sure he will be less than positive about it.
That’s ok, I have a new attitude and a new hip, can’t wait to take my first little run.
Thank everyone for the great insight.


Hip was replaced Friday. Monday off pain meds. Suddenly I love Mondays.

Hello, fellow skeleton crew:

My name is Christopher Kelsall, I am writing in from gorgeous Victoria, BC, which is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Or as we like to pretend, the Independent Democracy of Vancouver Island.

I went in for a total hip replacement (right) on Freaky Friday and was upright Friday night, walking Saturday morning, walking fast and more furiously Sunday and then Monday – despite what the Boomtown Rats sang (“I hate Mondays”) – I suddenly like Mondays, because I had no pain killers for over eight hours and trekked from the warmth of my hospital bed to the warshroom (say it with an English accent, will you?) and back and felt like I didn’t need any more painkillers. But the Registered Nurse was kind enough to say, “take them anyway, and ween yourself off of them slowly.”

So I am.

Ceramic with highly cross-linked polyethylene is as slick as ice and smooth as glass. When I go through the schwinggggg faze of my gait, it feels almost too smooth. I am used to grinding and pain and lack of rotation. So odd.

I am home now, feet up, wife is my servant. Living like a king. I just have to remind myself that I cannot bend over or twist or start running suddenly.

I am 5o under the hood, but the computer in the bonnet suggests 20. Ready to do handstands.

I had a fun time getting the spinal epidural. Unlike other surgeries, where they throw a mask on you and ask you to count to 10 and you get to 6…..I was looking around, hugging a pillow and announcing when the needle was disturbing a nerve in my buttocks and hamstring.

Then suddenly, it was like I had peed myself in a wet suit and I was getting warm all over. The warmth crawled up my legs like as if I was maybe filling up with warm pee? Really cool. Sorta.

That was easy.

When I make any sort of progress, which I have been doing by the nano-second so far, I will follow up with another post.


Hip Resurfacing Round 2

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share that I completed by 2nd hip resurfacing this past Tues, 11/29 with Dr. Su at HSS.  I had my first one done this past January 2016 and was so happy with the result that I didn’t wait for a complete break down to complete the 2nd.  I’m still hurting a little post surgery but looking forward to 3 to 6 months from now when I can start running, jumping, golfing, and lifting pain free.  If anyone wants to know about the hip resurfacing, feel free to ask me.  Stay hip strong!

With Gratitude,


Valley of Fire Marathon

I had my THR on March 4, 2016. I began to run again on May 1st. On November 19, 2016, I completed the Valley of Fire Marathon near Logandale, NV. It was a trail marathon with awesome desert scenery but very tough running conditions at times. I fell on my new hip at mile 11 and mile 24. I simply got up, dusted off and kept going – just has I had done all my life. Once again, I was “normal”. It felt so good. I finished in 5:35:31. It was my 36th marathon in my 35th state. I am so happy to continue my 50 states quest as I raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NW Michigan. Follow along at www.marathon4kids.com or Marathon4Kids on Facebook and Twitter. This website gave me hope when I had little. My thanks go out to everyone who posts here!!

Second Hip Replacement (Nov. 21, 2016) and Planned return Return to Running

In a previous post, I shared that I was getting my other hip replaced. That was done yesterday. There were complications where my femur most likely had a hairline fracture and a bad hip joint. The 45 minute process ended up taking almost 3 hours…

What is most interesting and possibly even good news is that the band used to make sure the femur was solid and that the femur immediately secured the new prosthesis; recovery seems quicker. 3 hours after surgery I did not need to use a walker or cane. Today, the day after surgery, there is still no pain (throbbing type) but there is certainly stiffness and surgical soreness.

The best part. I’ve been advised that I could possibly return to running in 6 weeks. 1800 steps so far on day two. Going to get on a slow moving treadmill tomorrow at no incline…. (Landice Pro Brand) . Today’s test was a success.