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So….I’m a runner.  I had a hip replacement in January of 2012.   A month prior to my surgery, I started this blog to share my experience with anyone who might be facing the same fate down the road.  I wanted to show my weekly recovery progress and hopeful return to running.  Hence the name…hiprunner.com.  As the months have progressed, I have been contacted by other individuals in the same situation as me.  To make this blog more informative and well-rounded, I have asked them to share their stories and their reports as well, so in the side bar under “Hiprunner Reports”, they have a location for their reports.  We are the Hip Runner’s Club.  The primary purpose of this blog is to tell our stories of how we were or weren’t able to get back to running.    If you find yourself getting a hip replacement, and would like to become a member of the Hip Runner’s Club, we would love to have you share your story on this blog.  Click here to become a member.

Hip Replacement wear

Good morning you all I had never been a runner myself, I had a car accident when I was 21, got 2 surgical nails in the femur head on posterior approach, 16 years later I had worn the bone so bad that I needed the replacement, my doctor’s advice always was to walk, he said that was the best for recovery, went for almost 6 months to physical therapy, I started just walking and after a while (whit the purpose of losing some weight) I started jogging, which of course made me realise how bad in shape I was (not counting I’m an ex-smoker), so one day I asked my therapist if jogging would be bad for the hip replacement and her comment was, as long as you are not running 5km a day you should be fine ( that is actually my goal) so i want to ask everyone here, what your experience is with the wear of the replacement and what you all recommend

Scared, very scared…..

Hi you inspirational bunch. Take a bow every single one of you.
This is my first post. I’ve recently got the news that I have advanced OA of my left hip. The news terrified me. I’ve always been an active person playing football (soccer), squash & for the last 3 years running. I probably picked up an injury doing one of these sports causing the hip problem. For the last 6 – 12 months I’ve been having physio for what I and the physio thought was piriformis syndrome. I had a sharp pain in my left buttock & sciatica like symptoms. I was able to run relatively pain free but paid for it the next day. I was still able to run 3 – 4 times per week and competed in 15 races. At the same time I developed the deadly limp. After various physio & acupuncture sessions I was free from pain. I thought I was finally on the road to recovery. Little did I know I was about to head down the hill of despair.

My GP sent me for a routine x-ray to ensure I had no other problems with my hip. After this I was referred to a consultant who gave me the OA news. I was gutted 🙁 especially as he said the only treatment was THR. Supposedly his hospital doesn’t undertake hip resurfacing. He said I was in job shape for my age (52) and said it was all about if I could manage the pain. I deferred the operation as I’m scared, very scared.

Since then my hip has been very sore (physiological?) & I’m getting aches and pains elsewhere as my body compensates. Even running short distances is painful but I can cope with the pain…….just! I’ve been hitting my exercise bike hard to build up my leg muscles in preparation for the inevitable. Lots of stretching & hip exercises. Anti-inflammatory’s, Heat & ice. I feel I’m now at the crossroads and there’s a helluva lot of traffic to avoid.

My questions to you lovely people are:

Should I get a 2nd opinion about potential resurfacing?

Will the strengthening I’m doing now help post op?

How does a THR affect your love life?

How do I get over my fears? So many questions……..

Once again thank you so much for providing this platform to discuss these issues. Your stories are heart-warming, emotional & inspirational.


2 weeks since surgery

I had full hip replacement  two weeks ago and have been coming to this site and for inspiration tips and any thoughts to help me get through this. The hip pain is gone now just dealing with sore muscles incision pain and a bit Of knee pain from all the limping.  I’m not a very patient person already I’m thinking about when I can start exercising again.  Previous to the surgery I was adamant that I would return to running  even though my surgeon says he doesn’t recommend it and my physical therapist is very much against it. now I just keep thinking about not hurting my new part  as I like to call it. I just wonder when I’ll get over that fear of dislocating it by moving the wrong way or hurting it   I know it’s only two weeks but I’d appreciate any thoughts for advice. From reading previous posts I see that I shouldn’t even think about doing anything for At minimum three months  which at this point seems like a lifetime.   What do you do in the meantime? I’m someone who was in the gym almost every day whether it was running boxing Bikram yoga or working out with a trainer.  I guess that’s what got me in this position in the first place at only 51 years old.

Just How Long??? Don’t miracles happen overnight??

Hello Hiprunners… I remain positive most all of the time. I am a personal fitness/movement trainer who had a left hip total replacement on April 10th, 2017. My frustration with my hip is making me a little nuts. I keep wishing to wake up every morning hoping to jump out of bed and not do this slow step here, there, what do I feel, please no pain. My surgeron is due to release me on June 29th for Yoga and Pilates. Since my surgery I have continued to do upper body, but I just want to run, bike, walk normal. If I walk more then 3 miles I have pain in my knee and my limp gets worse. I watch people in the gym doing all the exercises I am dying to do. Someone please tell me it gets easier, because I am about ready to quit the career I love.

Another improvement.

Okay, don’t laugh at the over analysis – just for entertainment purposes only. Not to be used for the purposes of betting or sarcasm.

The off-road 10K that I have been doing (see efforts below) is actually about 6.06 miles, so 9.82 kms. In racing, it is typically one minute slower for runners around from 30:00 to 45:00 +/- a little on either end of the spectrum, because of the surface in comparison to their road 10K.

Now here is an equation that I find anecdotally to be quite good: “For every pound that you are over optimum weight, you lose two seconds per-mile per-pound.” So if you are for example 10 pounds over optimum race weight and race a 10K, you should be two minutes slower, all else being equal. Well I am 25-30 pounds heavier…..165 vs 135-137.

So let’s take six minutes off for being morbidly obese and one minute off plus a little (because I am slow – other end of the spectrum) and that is at least seven minutes of fasterness, than I currently am: 1:07:00 – 7:00 = 60:00 or 59:59’99 because as any runner knows, you see the clock-a-ticking towards a benchmark, you go a little faster…..

I used to run the route in 37:00-48:00 depending on the purpose of the run.

Surgery: Dec. 2, 2016

1:04 – Thurs, June 15 – 1 hour faster than Feb 26th, first time out.
1:06 – Tues, May 30.
1:07 – Thurs, May 25*
1:08 – Thurs, May 18. (note so self: lose 30 pounds).
1:09 – Thurs, May 4. May the 4th was with me.
1:13 – Sat, April 29 – Need to do more physio. These are the only effort outings I have done….
1:15 – Thurs, April 13 – Taking a week or two off this route as I am just chasing time…
1:16 – Sun, April 9 – ran about 11-12 minutes – 48:00 improvement in 42 days – 10 laps.
1:18 – Thurs, April 6 – ran about 10 minutes
1:22 – Fri, March 31 – ran about 6-7 minutes total – 33 days since first trip around lakes.
1:25 – Sun, March 27 – ran about 6-7 minutes total
1:29 – Wed, March 23 – ran about 5-6 minutes total
1:35 – Sun, March 19 – ran about 1 minute total
1:38 – Thurs, March 16 – no running
1:47 – Sun, March 12 – no running
1:57 – Sun, March 5 – no running
2:04- Sun, Feb. 26 – no running

*The asterisk is there because I had a massive brain fart and clicked “stop” on Garminder and then start 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 minutes later – who knows. So doing the math I started faster at 65:00 pace, for the first three K, then ended slower for the final 3K, based on my usual slow-down I suspect I would have come in at 67:00….

Some surgery site soreness, nearly 100% recovered next day…not quite.

phantom leg pain?

21 months out from first hip replacement on left side. Last few weeks have had some pain in my left leg, lower thigh area towards the outside/back and about 4 to 5 inches above my knee. Pain seems to radiate through the back of my knee? Primarily when I get up after sitting or first thing in the morning. It comes and goes but not an issue when exercising. When its “on” however I can barely walk without limping. Anyone have anything similar? Going to see doctor but wanted to feel the water with the HipRunner crew.. Thanks!

Prayer Request for my appointment with my Orthopedic PA on Thursday

I have an appointment with my primary care physician on Tuesday, 13 June 17, at 1:30 p. m. and one with my Orthopedic PA Gretchen Mason on Thursday, 15 June 17, at 1:00 p. m. I would appreciate your prayers for both. The one with Gretchen at OISI will be on the one year anniversary of my hip revision surgery. I REALLY HOPE to return to doing SOME RUNNING as part of my physical regime ASAP. Gretchen is an avid runner too, and in October she told me, “We recommend with the hip replacements that you don’t return to running, as that will be added wear and tear on the appliance resulting in it having to be replaced sooner; but, if it were I, I would want to do the same.” I have found a neat website called HIP RUNNER, and all the folks there have returned to running after hip replacement surgeries. I really hope and pray I can do the same. Thank you for your prayers. BTW all listed times are CDT. “Longing to Return to Running for Jesus ASAP, David Reynolds, “Pastor Dave”–HEBREWS 12:1-3 <3 <3 <3


Hip Resurfacing

It’s now been 20 weeks since my hip resurfacing surgery.  I’m continuing to get stronger.  Walking strong without pain.  Some light jogging for tenth of a mile but could jog more.  Am following doctor’s suggestion not to run for 6 months post surgery.  Am lifting weights to get stronger.  Can do leg squats with 120 pounds without problem and single leg lifts with 30 pounds ok.  Can squat completely to base of machine.  Leg lunges with 20 pounds in each hand still have limited range of motion but improving.  Can do repeated single leg lifts on platforms at 24 inch height.  Am swimming and biking with no problems.  I anticipate full recovery and plan on running a 5k in 10 weeks from now and a half marathon next March.

Seeking Training Schedule Advice

This is my first post – although I’ve been reading others’ posts since I found this site a few months ago – and I am so inspired by everyone!  I am 6 months post-op since my right THR and 7 weeks less since my left THR.  I am looking for advice on how much and how often to increase my running time/distance.  I’m more of a jogger than a runner, and not worried about my speed.  I’m up to 25 minutes continuous jogging right now, but I’m not sure what kind of training schedule I should follow with two new hips.  I’d appreciate hearing thoughts/advice from others who have been through this before!

Question & Zero Runners for Everyone!

Wow.  I have been busy and I have neglected a few individuals on this site.  14 in fact.  I activated 14 new Hip Runners today.  Sorry for the delay on that, but we are happy to have you all as new members.

Question to all of you from Elaine:

One of them, (Elaine) had a good question that I couldn’t answer.  It was a question regarding Hip Runners with cemented hips.  Since my hip implant is not cemented, I couldn’t answer it.   Here is what she asked:  (For those of you who have cemented hips, could you please respond with your own experience?)

I am 57 and have been running since I was 18. I ran mainly 1/2 marathons and 10k with 6 marathons under my belt. I had my hip replaced 3 March 2016. It is a cemented stem with CP. My surgeon told me I could never run again. I was devastated. However, I came across this website and thought if they can still run then so can I. I have started slowly, I followed all the strengthening exercises, walked everywhere building up to 10 mile walks with friends.
At six months bought a cross trainer and then became a member of a gym at 9 months. I attend HIIT classes, do weight training 2 days a week and have built up my muscles using a cycle and walking at the highest incline. At 1 year I ran on the treadmill for the first time. A few minute on and a few mins off. I am now running for 15 mins non stop with the aim to get to 30 mins.
Once I have achieved this I am aiming to run 10k trails eventually as there is less impact on softer surfaces. What I would like to know is there any of you out there who has had a cemented hip as my understanding in-cemented hips are stronger and I am concerned about the damage I may do.
I feel so much happier that I am able to run as I have run most of my life and it has got me through some tough times. But if there are some cemented hip runners out there have you had any problems.

Zero Runners for Everyone

You all know that I have been hyping the benefits of the Zero Runner to everyone on this site, simply because I believe in it.  I mentioned it most recently in My Bloomsday Post when I showed a video about how I was finally able to run hands free.  I have probably logged close to half of my Strava Miles on the Zero Runner.  Well guess what?  The Octane Fitness Folks want to give all of you Hip Runners an opportunity to enjoy the Zero Runner for yourself.    With a MSRP of $4299 for the ZR8 and $3299 for the ZR7, the price can be a little steep.  But here’s a secret if you are interested, i have a code that can save you a bit-o-money.  🙂

Follow these steps to save $600 on the ZR8 or $400 on the ZR7.

  1. Go to www.zerorunner.com
  2. Click on ‘Shop Home Zero Runners’
  3. Click on ‘View Product’
  4. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ (Fill out all information that is needed to process)
  5. Enter the coupon code ZR33 to get your discount.

The unit will be delivered by your closest local dealer.

Simple!  Right?

Zero Runners for Everyone! 🙂  Happy summer to all of you.


Here is that video if you want to see it again…Hands Free….it only took me 11 months….

<iframe width=”806″ height=”605″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/v3_0mPgrN-s” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>