Hip Runner 2018 Is……Drum Roll Please….

The first ever Hiprunner/Zero Runner® marathon is complete!  Thanks to all of you who turned out.  Winning by a landslide was Hip Runner Larry Schmidt.  Larry is actually double hip with 2 THR’s.  Additionally, Larry’s age gave him a handicap deduction of 5 seconds per minute spent exercising, which gave him an adjusted marathon time of 3:02:26.  Larry Schmidt is 2018’s HipRunner of the Year.  His pic and link to his Zero Runner® time will be prominently posted in the side bar for the remainder of the year.  Way to go Larry. We look forward to seeing if you can retain the crown in 2019.

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2018’s HipRunner/Zero Runner Marathon!



17 Days and Counting ……..

Hi Everyone!

We are just 17 days away from the first ever HipRunner/ZeroRunner® Marathon.  Every participant will earn an orange Octane Fitness towel.  Top female and top male will get a Hip Runner hat and some more Octane Fitness swag.  Not bad for a free marathon right?  Don’t let the February doldrums bring you down!  We have treadmill runners participating!  We have road runners participating!  We have Zero Runners participating!  It’s going to be fun!  If you don’t have a Zero Runner, you should try to get access to one in your area.  Put in a few hours on it and see if you’re sold!  Sign up for the race  in the right side bar and learn more about the Zero Runner at this link!

25 Days Until the first ever Hip Runner Marathon

Hey everyone!   Be sure to sign up for the Hiprunner Zero Runner Marathon.  We are only 25 days away…..

On that note I would also like to add that I won’t be participating.  I have been holding off on letting you all know that I am finally getting my knee taken care of.  The reason I was holding off is because my superstar doctor couldn’t do it until July.  July?  Shoot!  Half the running season would have been over by then.    So I went to see my other superstar doctor (Dr. Tim – the one who replaced my hip.  For some reason, I thought he only specialized in hips).  Happy to report that he does knees too!  In two weeks.  I will have the knee taken care (partial knee replacement) and I will be on the road to recovery (hopefully in time to get some summer runs in).  So I will be ‘officiating’ the Hiprunner Marathon from the sidelines.  (I really think the Zero Runner would still allow me to do it, but common sense says I shouldn’t) So if you were on the fence about participating,  you now have a better chance of winning since I won’t be able to run in the first annual …..


Hey Hip Runners!  Happy New Year!

By now all of you have probably noticed the countdown timer on the Hip Runner site.   On 2/10/2018, we will be having our first ever Hip Runner marathon.  Even though it is geared towards those of you with Zero Runners, anyone can take part in the event.  To find out more, go to the Hip Runner marathon page.  Stay optimistic for 2018!  I hope to see a lot of Hip Runners taking part!

Hip Brother Tom


Hiprunner Nation!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while and wanted to check in with you all to provide an update.  The hip is doing fantastic.  But the knee on the opposite leg is giving me all sorts of grief.  I will be seeing the ortho later this month.    We will see what he says.  The hoopfest injury I sustained a few years back is catching up with me.  An attempt at micro-fracture surgery failed to correct the bone-on-bone issue.  So…we’ll see what the doc says.  I am optimistic.

In the meantime, my time has been occupied with a very  VERY busy work schedule and volunteer time as the head XC coach at St. Aloysius Grade School here in Spokane.   I just wrapped up another stellar Cross-Country Season with a great GREAT group of kids.  We just had our end-of-the-year party and the kids presented me with something that was pretty special.

Running is therapy and coaching is too.  Since my running has been minimal lately, I thank GOD for coaching.  Even on those days when I have had the worst day at work,  those kids just change my attitude and make me smile.   This little gift was such a wonderful gesture.  I am simply honored.

I continue to run, although not as much.  In fact, a few weeks back, I finished a little outing of beer bingo with my SDP teammates.  This was a fun little event where everyone wrote down the name of a bar within a 2 mile radius of our starting point.  We then proceeded to draw a bar out of the hat, run to that bar, quench our thirst and repeat.  While the knee was not totally happy, the running was tolerable, because there was rest (and medicine) at the end of each run.  A fine time was had by all.

The Zero Runner has been my saving grace.  It has enabled me to keep up my miles  and maintain fitness.  No pain, at all.  I freaking love that thing.  I probably talk about it too much, but honestly, it has kept me sane.  For those of you having trouble getting your miles in, you should check this machine out.  It truly is worth its weight in gold.

Lastly,  has anyone noticed the member count on the home page?  We have just surpassed the 900 member count!  Woo Hoo!  People!  We are a small nation.  We are Hiprunner Nation!  With that in mind, it was brought to my attention that we should all try to meet up at regional races.  While I am sure that is not possible for everyone, I know there are a lot of like minded people who would like to meet up and run together as ‘The Hiprunners!”.  If you are interested in suggesting a race and being a regional ambassador for Hiprunner, I would love to start working with you to coordinate these meetups!


Broken Goat at the Broken Goat


It’s been 5 and 1/2 years since my hip replacement.  My right knee has been limiting my running to mostly Zero Runner miles, but that didn’t stop me from signing up for and running the Broken Goat Trail Race on July 15, 2017 in Rossland BC.   For 25 and 50k racers, this unique point to point race takes runners up 5 peaks along the 7summits trail in Rossland BC.  My SDP teammates and I ran the 25K(15.5 Miles).  There was a mix of single track and alpine trails along with a little bit of trail marked only by ribbons.  My SDP teammates and I had been looking forward to this trip all year long.  I wish I could have taken in more of the scenery, but I was too busy watching the trail in front of me.  We hip runners need to be ultra careful of the hidden and not so hidden things that can sneak up and trip you.  In my case, I am not sure what it was, but halfway through my race, between 2 mountain peaks, I kicked something (probably a rock) and went flying.  Luckily I was wearing padded gloves to keep my hands from getting torn up.  My elbow was not so lucky.  Up until that moment, my race was going well.  I kept reminding myself to pay attention to the trail, watch for things and step high.  But then I started looking at my time, calculating if I was on course to break 3 hours.  Let’s see 7.2 miles in……at 1:26……if I pick it up a bit between these 2 peaks, I might just have a chance to….WHAM!  I almost became the broken goat.

The first thing I did was get up and make sure nobody saw me.  Then, I assessed the damages.  My gloves saved my hands.  The elbow bore the brunt of the fall, but it was so caked in dirt that I didn’t know how bad it was scratched up.  The non THR hip took a hit too.  A little bruising, but otherwise ok.  Continuing on…finishing in under 3 hours didn’t seem so important anymore. 🙂  Waiting at the finish line were all of my teammates. I got the elbow patched up (a mere scrape) and the celebration began.  Racing was secondary to sharing this accomplishment with the rest of the team.

Nevertheless, while I was finishing the last half of that race, I thought about my THR.  It was as happy as a lark.  No issues whatsoever with the THR.  Fellow Hip Runners,  as I have said before, the only thing that is stopping you from getting back to what you love…..is you. 🙂  Don’t be afraid. There will be good days, and there will be bad days.  Listen to the hip and stay optimistic.  Every day will get better.  Keep believing.  Never give up hope.  You will run (and enjoy running) again. 🙂