It’s Done

Well, It’s done! Yesterday January 29, 2018 I had my right hip replacement surgery. All of the worry, concern, indecision, pain and limping are gone. Poof! It’s magic. I now have tears of joy. Just 24 hours out of surgery and my hip feels better than it has for the last 2 years. Sure there’s the pain and discomfort from the surgery but already it’s so much better than before.

My name is Mark and I’m a long time casual runner. My hip is a birthday present for my 64th birthday. Half marathon running has been my run of choice as they’ve been challenging and achievable. The realization that I needed a new hip and that my running days were likely over were heart wrenching. Finding the hip runner forum gives me hope and encouragement that I may still run again. I plan to take things slow and easy and see how my mind and body adapt. But I must say that in my heart I am, always have been and always will be a runner regardless of whether I am able to pursue further running or not. This site and the testimonies I’ve read give me great hope and inspiration that I can and will run again. Thank you.