Easter Saturday Half marathon.

Okay,here’s my race report at long last ( I can hear Dave Whiteside saying,not before time!!)

As a family of runners,well mostly,we decided mid 2016 to run Two Oceans ultra marathon and 21km which is held in Cape Town on Easter Saturday. Training was going well with a few hiccups in between but one by one younger family members pulled out due to work commitments until there were 3. Myself,my husband and oldest daughter. Husband and I elected to do the 21km whilst I had passed the mantle of running the 56km to my daughter deciding that perhaps an ultra was not the best way to treat 2 hip replacements 😀( I have done 14 of them). Good Friday dawned & we were down to 2 runners,husband having gone down with a severe throat infection 🙈.
Race day was brilliant,temperature at the start was a tad on the chilly side for me at 10C. I had a blast of a run from start to finish even though I was extremely nervous as I knew what major hills lay ahead. I finished strong even though I was venting my frustration at the lack of my speed. My finishing time was 2:38 which is extremely slow for me as I’d normally do a half marathon in 1:40. I’m convinced that my surgeon took out my speed motor when he replaced my hips 🤣. For me,it’s very frustrating but at the end of the day I know I should be grateful that I’m still on the road & able to run.

I’m BACK !!!!!!

3 years and dual THR’s and I’m finally back !!!!!! Woke up this morning and after reading all the positive comments last night, that have been sent my way, I decided to have a longer run  (16kms) through the mountains. I had THE most awesome run since either of my THR and I am  now feeling on top of the world !!! It was a toughy because nothing is really flat here in Spain, but I literally flew along & up the mountains. Now time for a nice cool swim. Did I mention that I will be Stateside in December – Florida here we come !!!

Felicity – S Africa /Spain

Good morning to you all from a very very hot Spain. I’m brand new to this site but I’m so glad I found it. After all the negative feedback from the medical profession regarding running with a THR ( I now have two) it’s an absolute joy to read here all the positive comments.

I have been running since 1989 & the very thought of not being able to run again puts me into a major meltdown. I had my first hip replacement in April 2012 after struggling through countless marathons and ultras in the previous 3 years. I finally had no option but to visit the specialist who told me I needed a left hip replacement because of the arthritis and indeed would need the right one done in the not too distant future. I went ahead with the operation and was extremely surprised to experience the fact that I no longer had any pain from that hip or from the operation itself. My Physio was very pleased with the results having told me that my hip was well and truly “stuffed”. She actually watched the whole operation & told me it was a pleasure to watch the Master (orthopaedic surgeon) at his work because he was so skilled. It took a while for me to get back on the road. I’d say about 4 months of walking intermingled with a couple of 100 metre runs. The only thing I did find was that I was much slower than I’d previously been. I’m not sure if that is down to age or the hip replacement. I was used to running all my training runs at an average 6 min/ km and races at 5.30 per km  but now I find that I’m nearer 7 which frustrates me no end ! Then in April 2014 I decided it was time to have the right hip done, and so far all is well. My running has definitely improved although I’m still only running up to a maximum of 16kms & still at the same speed but I’m hoping that will improve with time.