Good to be back!

I’m Brad a 59 year old runner.

Like many on this site, I put off surgey for too long because my doctor insisted I would not be able to run again. So every year there was one more run, one more goal. When I finally decided to do it because everything was hard to do; walking, running, driving even sleeping. At enrollement period I set up my medical coverage with surgery in mind. Then, lo-n-behold I qualify for Boston 2013.

I went to Boston certain that I would make it my last marathon. I scheduled my surgery for April 27, 2013.  Well I was 1/2 a mile from the finish line when the bombs went off and like many other runners, I was stopped. So now I had to decide, do I put off the surgery another year and run Boston 2014 (since I didn’t fullfill my dream of crossing the finish line)  or just get it over with?

I decided to hold off on the surgery and go for Boston 2014, and while I was at it may as well throw in a 50 miler two weeks before Boston. So I also signed up for the American River 50, I figured these will be my last runs.

I did both and had my surgery on November 17 2014.

Today is October 11 2015, less than a year since my “run ending” THR surgery and I’m signed up and on schedule to do my firsst marathon on November 1, 2015 followed by a 50-K on November 15 and my second marathon on December 6, 2015.

How I wish I’d done this surgery 6 0r 7 years earlier.