Planning for THR

Hi Im 41 years old and was diagnosed with AVN a in July of 2015.  I have “maintained”  over the past few years walking ok even running from time to time.  Shortly after by first doctors appointment and learning of my problem I decided to take the advice of a doctor who was friends with my PMP and he said to hold on as long as possible.  They both believed I was so young that my hip would not last me the rest of my life.

Well 2 years later I think it’s that time.  I have pain walking around and I’m at the point where I don’t want to go out because I fell like I may fall.  I work in IT in an office setting and even that is scary for me now.  I’m was a runner most of my adult life and serious for 3 years before my diagnosis.  I’d like to go back so I’m looking for  suggestions of doctors, clinics, Pre op training, and materials.    I’m not rich but I have good insurance and have been saving so I can travel if need be.

Note: I currently live in the Detroit area.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions.