Feels So Good!

Aw, man! Been just over a year since surgery. Forgot how great it feels to run. Been 6 years since I ran. Last two weeks I started with a couple minutes of easy running with a minute off, adding minutes to it. Totaling 20  minutes or so. Today, 13 minutes no stop. Could have gone much longer but I am being so cautious. CANNOT BELIEVE HOW GOOD I FEEL. Surfing sites for trail races in the spring. Have to say the existence of this site is what gave me the courage to get the thing done, and I am so glad I did.

9 Months Out and Getting Started

I haven’t posted since I was sitting in the parking lot of the hospital ready to go in. That was Aug 12, 2016. I need to say, without hesitation, that it was this site that gave me the courage and belief that there could be hope after hip replacement. Hope to run again, hope to be athletic again. It’s been a long time since I felt that way. Surgery and recovery were great. (Trouble sleeping for a bit but that went away at about week 5.) Rehab was good except for a pulled muscle in my opposite quad at about week 7 that derailed me for a bit and got me off the rehab wagon. Anyway, I have no pain ever in my hip but occasional pain, a sort of weakness, in my mid-thigh, only some days and only when walking. I assume it’s just lack of strength. I can usually shake it off by engaging the glutes for a bit. Played basketball gently a few times in the past month and then all of a sudden last week was flying around the court like it was 15 years ago, screaming at everyone else to pick up full court with me! That spurred me on to put the running shoes on. Did some easy, super easy soft trail running with the dog. No pain, no issues the next day nor the next time nor the time after that. I’m making running plans, started writing in the running journal again for the first time in 6 years and am wicked thrilled to be doing so! More later, I hope!

Tomorrow’s my day (Aug 12)

Using this site for my inspiration. Can’t wait for the surgery to be over, the two nights in the hospital to pass, get beyond worrying about infections and things going awry, and just being able to walk and then run and then run faster. Got a new pair of orange, super light, Adidas Adizeros Boosts and will bring them with me to the hospital to help keep me focused. Here goes!

24 Days to surgery and counting

Haven’t been here in a few weeks. Went through some stuff about a large cyst in my hip that was of major concern but now everything looks good and I’m on track for what had been a Dec 6th date for THR and, after complaining of very intense pain, got it moved up to Sept 20th and finally Aug 12th, a mere 24 days away with the surgeon I wanted. He’s very well known, a posterior believer, told me I’d be running, “maybe not marathons” but he told me I’d be good. I’m hoping that some of what I read here comes true . . . running in 3 months? Is it possible? I plan to ease into it, see what the hip will give me. 6-9 months and a jog would be fine with me. Pain free nights would be nice. No limp? That would be sweet. Take an hour’s walk through the woods? I’d love it. A 5k in the fall of 2017, at even the stupidest, slowest pace would be major.

Most who post here, and especially the ones with “quick recoveries”, seem to have had anterior. Any thoughts from people who’ve had posterior and what sort of return to various levels of fitness schedule they wound up with?

Rough first meeting with surgeon

I was diagnosed with OA of my right hip about 8 years ago. 2 years before that at age 53 I ran a 5:33 mile and was in the best shape of my life. Have not ben able to run much the past 5 years. I have tried everything to avoid a THR (Regenokine injections, acupuncture, etc.) but it has gotten to the point where I cannot run, limp pretty badly and my knee on the same side is acting up. I am in Boston and most runners have pointed me to NE Baptist Hospital as the place sympathetic to runners but they don’t accept my health insurance so I have had to search elsewhere. Had an X-ray and mtg today at MGH and was told I have “severe arthritis” and that the ball of my femur looks like a mushroom it is pushing so hard against bone. So, my first question was “how soon will I be able to run”? The surgeon (well-known surgeon) said “I recommend against it”; wear and tear, etc.. The conversation (perhaps after I cited HipRunner!) went downhill from there to the point that he said, “you know, I think it’s time for you to seek another opinion; you aren’t really listening to me”.
Here’s my question: if the surgeon is good and the procedure done well, does it matter what they advise? I left there very depressed.