Hip Resurfacing

It’s now been 20 weeks since my hip resurfacing surgery.  I’m continuing to get stronger.  Walking strong without pain.  Some light jogging for tenth of a mile but could jog more.  Am following doctor’s suggestion not to run for 6 months post surgery.  Am lifting weights to get stronger.  Can do leg squats with 120 pounds without problem and single leg lifts with 30 pounds ok.  Can squat completely to base of machine.  Leg lunges with 20 pounds in each hand still have limited range of motion but improving.  Can do repeated single leg lifts on platforms at 24 inch height.  Am swimming and biking with no problems.  I anticipate full recovery and plan on running a 5k in 10 weeks from now and a half marathon next March.

Hip Resurfacing Surgery last week went well

I just had hip resurfacing surgery done last Friday, January 20, at HSS hospital in New York. Dr. Edwin Su performed the surgery. He’s done about 4,500 hip resurfacing surgeries. I flew to New York from Georgia specifically to see Dr. Su. I was referred by another runner. I’m a 67-year-old endurance runner. Multiple marathons and Ironman Triathlons. Dr. Su said he would have me back and running any distance I wished. I am one-week post-op and ahead of schedule. Walking with a cane. The joint pain is gone. The surgery pain took 4 days to pass. Now have some stiffness from hip surgery. Stretching and PT will take care of the stiffness. Plan to take 3 months of walking, then begin biking, and begin jogging in 6 months. Could do all this sooner if I wished but want to be conservative. The material used is an alloy of cobalt chromium made by Smith & Nephew in England. Only downside is expense. Dr. Su does not accept Medicare although the hospital HSS does. HSS is the number 1 rated orthopedic hospital in the U.S.


Recently I tried Hokas again since I have been diagnosed as needing a hip replacement and I was looking for a cushioned shoe to walk in.  Not to run in since it hurts to run.  Three years ago when I was running well I tried Hokas but they were too much cushion for me while running and my calf locked up while running in them.  But now, with my hip injury, the Hokas felt great for walking.  So I bought a pair and the are my daily walk around shoe.  Maybe after my hip replacement this Fall I’ll even run in my Hokas.  We’ll see.