Nine months hip test!

A brief synopsis of how I got to last Sunday – my THR hip was fitted on 2nd May 17, the excellent BHR is over 3 years old now. Recovery went well and I ran my first 5k at 6 weeks, by November I had managed 24:08 and was feeling great as a result of the chiropractor loosening up my lower back and sports massage sorting out my glutes. So I went and entered the Charnwood Hills race that my climbing club organize – surely by February I would have done sufficient cross-country distance to manage 14+ miles and 1200 ft of ascent? No, I hadn’t…

By Christmas my 5ks were getting slower and my limping getting worse – pain in my upper thigh and the feeling that my leg might give way. Putting all my weight on it did not hurt but relaxing the pressure did, and badly. Nobody I asked had any real idea what was happening and I did worry that there might be a stress fracture in my femur, the symptoms were not right though and I could run through the initial pain and the limp improved after the first few minutes. I eased up on running, returned to the Wattbike for fitness and wondered whether to transfer my race entry (race filled in 8 minutes, places like gold dust) and decided to wait until the end of Jan to make a decision. Which was, of course, to give it a go anyway…

I wasn’t last, I beat 3 outright, and another 11 did not complete the course, but it took 3:01 to finish 301st on a 23km course over 1400 ft of hills. This included about 4 miles of mudbath crossing farmers fields and the golf course – the actual hilly bits were sound underfoot but the downside was that I had no speed downhill due to my leg complaining about the pounding. Still, I did get round, it was twice as far as I have run on this hip and the first time over 13 miles in two years and the sun shone occasionally. Very stiff at the finish, and yesterday, but getting better today. Massage booked for this afternoon,  hoping to get on the bouldering wall tonight but no running for a good while!


Six-month update

Hi all, just passed the 6 months mark with my THR right hip (BHR is coming up to 3 years this month) and I am starting to feel more like a runner again – first 5k was nearly 32 mins, 19th was 24:58 so that sub-25 target has been achieved. Part of the improvement is due to chiropractor attention to my lower back to ease stiff facet joints, and tight glutes. And I seem to be getting a bit fitter.

Still a strange pain on unweighting my right leg (like when putting socks on) but it is not apparently getting any worse…

Hope to start training properly in the near future, rather than just racing.


5 months progress report

Hi all, just a brief update on what my Zimmer ceramic/ceramic hip has had to put up with since May 2nd:

__________May    June   July    August    September

Walk         50        50      50          80                80

Run              0       20      25          19                22

Cycle       149     180    272       318            117

(All distances in miles)

Walking has included mountaineering and is now completely normal, running is not right yet with some leg pain and asymmetry in the first few hundred yards; pace is improving (best 5k just sub-26 mins) but not consistently. Biking has improved since before the operation, set a PB last week for a 23 mile circuit I ride regularly (18.3 mph). Seems to have been a quicker recovery than my BHR but I really need to get that 5k time back under 25 minutes!



9 weeks post-op

Hi all, just a brief update on the last few weeks. Jogged my first 5K in 31:54 three days before my 6 week check up, it went surprisingly well considering. Since then I have done a 5k parkrun every Saturday, progression has been 30:50, 29:18, 27:16 and limpiness has been improving quickly. Three climbing sessions, mainly bouldering, have been negotiated successfully and I am getting more confident in the strength of the new hip at the limits of its range. Surgeon is happy for me to bike outdoors so there have been several trips which culminated last week in a 30-mile solo ride at 17.5 mph and a long 58 mile ride with my son at 16 mph last Sunday – standing on the pedals where necessary.

Basically, I’m nearly back to normal except for 5k pace, which I am trying to improve by gym treadmill work. I was tempted to take on 10k as a target but it is probably too soon, my first attempt was 80 mins but involved a lot of wobbly jogging…

Onwards and Upwards!


New member

Hi all – just signed up for membership due to my right hip receiving a Zimmer ceramic/poly THR on 2nd May 2017. I initially found this site in 2014 but decided I was ineligible due to having a left hip BHR (resurfacing) hence I have spent the last couple of years on The plan was to get the right BHR to match but during the op my femoral head broke off so I got (what I initially considered) second-best with the THR.

Having read more about the current technology, and particularly Mike Rix’s inspiring entry recently, I am now happier that my new hip will be able to do all I want, and even my surgeon is happy to agree! One benefit is that this time around I can weight-bear right from day 1 instead of having to be on 2 crutches for a couple of weeks, another is that I do not have to constantly worry about breaking my femoral head off while the bone remodels itself, my surgeon  did that for me already..

About me: 66 years old, I was a serious climber in the 70’s who drifted into running in the 80’s because my friends did and because marathons suddenly became popular events for regular folk. 5 road marathons, pb 2:54 in London ’89, then moved into longer events in the hills in the 90’s because road running hurt too much. Then family life took over, as well as studying for a degree, so running became less and less…

Fast forward to 2008 and I found myself seconded to an office where people went running at lunchtime so I joined in and was horrified at how unfit and out of touch I was. Worked at it for 6 months and started getting the confidence to enter races again, culminating in two decent half-marathons in 2009/10 just under 1:39 which were equivalent (in masters percentage) to my old pb of 1:23 set years before. Very pleased to get back to where I was but there was a price to pay in my hips and lower back, constant aching and stiffness. A PT said to stop running to save my hips, and get a bike to keep fit (which I did) but my wife had started running and parkrun 5k’s were something we could do together so I carried on running but stopped trying to train. This did nothing for my 5k pb, as you can imagine. Eventually I discovered the BHR and a surgeon prepared to fit it locally and a new chapter began in November 2014. Despite having to be careful I started with walking then walk/jog then gentle jogging at about 8 weeks then back to parkrun within 3 months.

90 parkruns later the right hip had had enough, another BHR was ordered and I find myself here!

So far so good with the THR, I set a 5k pb of 63 minutes yesterday without using my crutch and I now have enough ROM to pedal my static bike so I expect to be jogging again after my 6 week check up and climbing indoors soon after. Apparently there is little risk of dislocation with my 36mm ceramic ball, and I doubt I have enough years left to wear out the plastic, so I am looking forward to a decent autumn/fall of training then next spring chasing 5k pbs in earnest…

Thanks for having me, Tom!

Update at 8 weeks: Almost back to normal! Ran my local 5k parkrun in 31:50 just 5 weeks out of hospital, and two more since (down to 29:20 now) and had three good bike rides outdoors, last one was 30 miles at 17.5mph and very close to pre-op time. Also had 3 bouldering sessions and yesterday felt almost unimpeded by the repair. Saw my surgeon at 6 weeks who told me he fitted a full ceramic THR, not ceramic/poly as I had assumed, which made me feel even better – no chance that this will wear out in my time. Working on running style now, some treadmill work yesterday helped straighten out my stride, looking forward to another 5k improvement on Saturday.