Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Neuropathy??

Here I am 5 days post anterior RTHR and feeling great….. except…. this stinging pain on the surface of my thigh just below the incision.  The pain exists as I walk when I straighten my leg to take a step forward.  It can be extremely intense and annoying.  I have seen it described as the pain you feel from a dozen bee stings.   From the little research I’ve done on-line, there apparently is a nerve, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, that causes sharp surface pain and numbness when it is compressed/ pinched.  Evidently, this nerve is effected either from the surgery and/ or from the post surgical swelling of the thigh.  I have been icing the area whenever possible.  What experience have any of you had with this pain/ syndrome?  Is there anything specific that I can do to relieve it?  And, how long does it persist?   I hope it subsides soon because it will but a huge damper on what should be a really good thing!!!  –  Kelly

2 day post Op….

Ok, my long awaited new Zimmer Poly/Ceramic w/ Vitamin E total hip was inserted (anterior)  2 days ago.  Seems like it took forever to get here.  I’m a little tender now but I’m home able to walk without assistance.  I purchased a Zero Runner before the surgery and am excited to spend more time on it.      My running ability has diminished significantly over the last year.  It just seems unreal that a couple of days in the hospital can change my life so dramatically.  Hip Runner has been a vital source of information for decision making and encouragement.  Can’t thank everyone enough for your  support!!! –  Kelly

Need help finding my way. Suggestions wanted?

Hi…..  I am a 65 year old life long runner.  Figure I’ve run around this earth at least once (25,000 miles) in my life and probably a lot more.  Early this year, January, I woke up one morning with a severe pain in my right hip.  I had been on the treadmill running the night before and on the Stair Master almost everyday before that.  I was shocked by the pain that morning and limping very noticeably heading into work.  Since then I’ve been around the block visiting my physician, PT, chiropractor and a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic who is an assistant to the Cavaliers.  Bottom line is I need a THR.  In addition, I have talked to several friends who have had successful THR.  Here is my question:  What type of replacement material should I get and which procedure is best for an active person like me?   Surprisingly, my friends had no clue what type of replacement they had.  They just know where the scare is and that they are happy with the result.  Most of the posts on this site take about the procedure, the result and the general type.  But, few posts take about the material the surgeon used.. i.e. metal on metal, ceramic on polyethylene… etc.  For anyone that took the time to look, there are over 40 different medical codes for the different procedures.(   Each code is for the type of material, glue and approach.  The Cleveland Clinic surgeon recommended a ceramic on polyethylene THR for me.  But, he said that metal on metal was better for a very active person and may come with potential complications.

So, back to my question:  For those of you who feel your THR has been successful, what type of material and approach did you have?   And, likewise, which materials have you found to be unsuccessful?

Thanks for your input, I look forward to your comments.  –  Kelly