7.5 miles at 7.5 weeks post LTHR

Recovery continues to go well (LTHR 12/21/17). Ran 7.5 miles today (2/12/18) at an 8:05 pace, 7 1/2 weeks after getting my hip replaced. No significant pain.

Saturday (2/10/18) ran 6.4 miles at a 7:17 pace, which took a lot out of my legs, but hip felt good.

I continue to augment my running with strength training which I think helps tremendously, along with watching my diet closely.

For anyone considering a THR, its giving me my active life back. Prior to my surgery, I couldn’t run a mile without tremendous pain. I am hopeful I can get back to enjoying road races again.

6 weeks post LTHR

I had a LTHR on 12/21/17. Doc gave me the all clear on Monday,1/29.  I had been lifting, using the lifecycle, elliptical and doing burpees without much issue prior to Monday. However, I wasn’t able to run very well, and had lots of pain after.

Tuesday I went for my first “official run”, a whopping 1.1miles, at a 9:13 pace. While I felt a bit like a 3 legged dog, it was a start. Most importantly, I didn’t have much pain after. Looking forward to a run tmw, and many more after.

l should have gotten this done 3 years ago!