Pulled the trigger

I am a 69 year old male who has run for almost 40 years ,42 thousand miles, 300+ races of all kinds and has missed running for the past year and a half because of increasingly arthritic hips. I got both my hips replaced on November 14th and 16th of 2017. The method was the anterior approach and the joints are ceramic ball with plastic cup. Eleven days out from surgery there is still swelling and some pain,but I have been able to walk without aids on the treadmill and outdoors for distances from 3/4 to 1.5 miles the past several days. I have been doing the PT exercises and look forward to doing more distance and strength work as my healing progresses. I was able to keep my aerobic fitness and leg strength prior to surgery thanks to a device called the Bionic Runner. The BR gave me a running level workout as measured by heart rate and was just plain fun to use on the paths and trails I love.

My hope is to return to running at least 30% with the other 70 still on the BR,and eventually to racing by next Fall. This forum has been a real help and inspiration in keeping me focused on getting it done and moving on.  Thanks, Tom, and all of you whose stories and comments have been such great motivation.