13 Days post op

I am 13 days post THR. the first week was a nightmare but I’ve been getting better each day. I started PT 4 days ago and I feel its made all the difference in my recovery.  At day 10 I stopped using my walker and went to a cane. After my PT tonight I’m hoping to start walking without the cane. I am doing my exercises 3-4 times a day. I still have pain and my leg is swollen but from what I read this is normal.

My goal is next week to hit the office. I will have a busy week ahead of me.

so many questions

I’ve had three arthroscopy in six years and now my new doctor from HSS is going to do a posterior hip replacement next month. I’m nervous as hell. How long is the recovery and do I need to really be worried about dislocations? Will I be able to have a normal life and play basketball and do spartan races?

I’ve been in constant pain for six years but I was still able to do anything I wanted when coming to exercising, will this change?