9 days until I join the club.

I am 9 days until surgery. I have googled everything I can think of concerning the surgery and recovery.

I have probably needed the replacement for at least 5 years, however I have always avoided doctors like the plague.  I have managed to play some basketball and compete in martial arts with great pain over the last few years. Walking long distances has become nearly impossible and running has not been an option at all.

I find myself 46 years old and now weighing 280 lbs.  I was used to half marathons and competing  at 215 lbs. I am very confident in getting the weight under control as I have already begun shedding a few pounds leading up to surgery even in the midst of the holidays.

I have not even met my surgeon yet. When I went for the consult I met with his nurse practioner who immediately began talking about therapy and pain management options.  I told him if he had a shot that would allow me to comfortably put my right sock on I would gladly entertain the idea, but if not we needed to do something else.  He then pulled my xray up on the computer and said “oh my, lets schedule your hip replacement immediately.  How in the world have you been walking?”

I am scheduled to meet with the doctor and see the prosthesis on January 4th.  I know he uses the Stryker brand, but I have read many different opinions about the prefered materials.

I have never been a serious runner, but I do miss it greatly.  I am going to assume that this doctor will seriously discourage running especially marathons.  I would also assume he would think I was nuts to want to fight in martial arts tournaments again!

So in closing I would appreciate opinions about what material type I should push for with my prosthesis. As well as what other activities some of you enjoy other than running that push the limits of having a replaced hip or hips!

Thank you in advance.

David Byrd