New to HipRunner

Hey all, just a note to say hello and seek opinions. Had to have a Total Hip replacement performed on the 27th of November. I have been ultra running and biking up until about a year prior to the surgery and then running shorter 5-10K distances and concentrating on elevation / stadium repeats up until the surgery. Had the replacement on a Monday and was walking / driving on Friday with out any meds other than Tylenol. Im in my 5th week and decided to hit the trails and ran a very soft / slow 14 minute mile 2 mile run. I’m thinking I may be pushing things but am knocking out 3 mile walks each day at a 15-16 minute mile. Going for my 6 week followup next Tuesday and hoping to be released to go back to my FF/EMT job. Any words of wisdom out there? Thanks for any advice in advance.