Micro Surgery ( superpath ) vs Min Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

Hello fellow Hip Runners – Thank you for supportive post’s. I intended to run no matter what the doctor’s said.THR scheduled Dec 20th 2017.I was told by a doctor who is a runner that the  Micro Approach ” superpath technique” THR is less invasive than the ” Min Invas Anterior Approach THR. This doctor also said OK to run after surgery. The doctor performing the Min Invasive Anterior THR said NO RUNNING after surgery.

Any experience from Hip Runners on the Micro Approach ?

Also I was given several exercises for Pre Surgery. I am currently using the elilptical 4 x wk 30 mins lvl 3 and lifting 3 x wk for 30mins. Do I need those Micley Mouse therapy exercises ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Life is good

If anyone considering a THR seeks fresh evidence that one can not only run after such a procedure but run far and have fun doing so, you might check out the following Instagram entry, posted by me following a memorably fun run at a very special place a few weeks ago:

For a long-time lover of both running and Bosox baseball at Fenway Park, getting tapped as one of 50 participants in the first-ever marathon run within a major league ballpark was thrilling. Completing Friday's Fenway Marathon while also helping raise $300,000+ for cancer research was gratifying beyond measure. Kudos to Boston Marathon director Dave MacGillivray for conceiving and organizing this special event, and for furnishing encouragement as he and I and the rest of our merry band circled Fenway again and again … +114 more agains (116 laps * .22 miles/lap = 26.2!). A memorably fun night — heavy rain and high humidity aside — that would not have unfolded for me without huge help from the amazing @amoryrowe, and an experience I shall long remember.

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Hi All,

I”m currently scheduled for a right THR on Jan 16, 2018.  But I was talking to someone at work that had the BHR instead of the THR and recommended it as an alternative at the Cleveland clinic.  Anyone have the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing instead of THR  or done research?   Have thoughts?

Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Neuropathy??

Here I am 5 days post anterior RTHR and feeling great….. except…. this stinging pain on the surface of my thigh just below the incision.  The pain exists as I walk when I straighten my leg to take a step forward.  It can be extremely intense and annoying.  I have seen it described as the pain you feel from a dozen bee stings.   From the little research I’ve done on-line, there apparently is a nerve, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, that causes sharp surface pain and numbness when it is compressed/ pinched.  Evidently, this nerve is effected either from the surgery and/ or from the post surgical swelling of the thigh.  I have been icing the area whenever possible.  What experience have any of you had with this pain/ syndrome?  Is there anything specific that I can do to relieve it?  And, how long does it persist?   I hope it subsides soon because it will but a huge damper on what should be a really good thing!!!  –  Kelly

2 day post Op….

Ok, my long awaited new Zimmer Poly/Ceramic w/ Vitamin E total hip was inserted (anterior)  2 days ago.  Seems like it took forever to get here.  I’m a little tender now but I’m home able to walk without assistance.  I purchased a Zero Runner before the surgery and am excited to spend more time on it.      My running ability has diminished significantly over the last year.  It just seems unreal that a couple of days in the hospital can change my life so dramatically.  Hip Runner has been a vital source of information for decision making and encouragement.  Can’t thank everyone enough for your  support!!! –  Kelly

My right THR is scheduled for November 15, 2017, Yikes!!!!

I am extremely nervous about the surgery! I am 64 year old female serious Body Pump enthuiest and a jogger. My hip pain has been interfering with my physical activities and I am in need of a normal life! I live alone and am wondering how long I will need someone to stay with me after surgery to help me. I have a desk job and am hoping to be back at work in two weeks. I can have a co-worker drive me. Is that possible? I will be doing Body Pump right up to the surgery date to stay in shape. I hate to be dependent on anyone. I would love to hear others stories of the first two to three weeks after surgery. I am getting a Zimmer trabecular metal hip using a mini posterior (more like side of hip) surgery.

5 months progress report

Hi all, just a brief update on what my Zimmer ceramic/ceramic hip has had to put up with since May 2nd:

__________May    June   July    August    September

Walk         50        50      50          80                80

Run              0       20      25          19                22

Cycle       149     180    272       318            117

(All distances in miles)

Walking has included mountaineering and is now completely normal, running is not right yet with some leg pain and asymmetry in the first few hundred yards; pace is improving (best 5k just sub-26 mins) but not consistently. Biking has improved since before the operation, set a PB last week for a 23 mile circuit I ride regularly (18.3 mph). Seems to have been a quicker recovery than my BHR but I really need to get that 5k time back under 25 minutes!



6 months post surgery, let the running begin!

My RTHR was April 2017, Corin Mini-hip (ceramic on poly) anterior approach.  Surgery was uncomplicated and recovery was normal, ie up on first day, released on second day, bi-lateral assist for first 2 weeks, after two weeks begin no impact exercise.  I have a Octane Fitness zero runner at home as well as regular elliptical.  The zero runner is awesome!  During my recovery from about 6 weeks on I have been putting in an hour every day.  My biggest issue has been trying to get the muscles and tendons back into shape – had about 9mm added to right side, which tendons are still not happy about.  The other issue is the thigh numbness, which is still considerable.  This is more annoying than anything else.  A week ago I had my 6 month follow-up with xray (yes I was a week early!).  Everything looked good and I was released for full activity including impact.  Of course with a “caveat” – we don’t want you running for your main source of exercise.  Yes I understand but also the reason that I had the surgery was to run again and take advantage of being active while I can, and I also agree that I will, take it easy and use other forms of exercise so as to take good care of my hip.  I ran the next day, one mile, nice easy pace and it was great to be running again.  Rested a day then a 1.5 mile run.  Rested a day and a 3.1 mile run, now on second day of rest.  I run because I enjoy it and I plan and hope to continue as long as possible!

#ttwrelaunch – Year One after THR

Hi Hiprunners,

now, that my first Triathlon Saison after THR in May 2016 is over, I am proud to say, that I am back on track. A lot of your stories helped me to overcome doubts to do so. Thanks for that.

I hoped for 2 Sprint Distances. But I was able to start in 3 Sprint Competitions, 2 Olympic Races and a Bike Time Trail. Finally I made it to the German Championship, which I finished at place 8 in my AG.

Now I read that Bryant registered for Ironman Boulder which is even more inspiring.

Keep on going !

Tom W.