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So….I’m a runner.  I had a hip replacement in January of 2012.   A month prior to my surgery, I started this blog to share my experience with anyone who might be facing the same fate down the road.  I wanted to show my weekly recovery progress and hopeful return to running.  Hence the name…hiprunner.com.  As the months have progressed, I have been contacted by other individuals in the same situation as me.  To make this blog more informative and well-rounded, I have asked them to share their stories and their reports as well, so in the side bar under “Hiprunner Reports”, they have a location for their reports.  We are the Hip Runner’s Club.  The primary purpose of this blog is to tell our stories of how we were or weren’t able to get back to running.    If you find yourself getting a hip replacement, and would like to become a member of the Hip Runner’s Club, we would love to have you share your story on this blog.  Click here to become a member.

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  1. Tom, Tommy, Tom Tom… Or Tom-Bo, as we discussed earlier tonight.. 🙂 Quite a journey you have ahead of you.. It will be neat to watch how things go.. Even with yer bum hip I’ll probably never be able to keep up with you! Good luck big bro, I’m cheering you on..

  2. I was amazed to see you running so well for your first time back!! Great job out there – hope it keeps getting better!!

  3. This is the blog I have been searching for!! I am 50, love running and facing a hip replacement soon. This is inspiring and gives me hope.

  4. Hi, Tom , Since, I found this Web-site, my recovery speeded up. I really feel I am not the only one who had to get through difficult time. We can share experience , emotion, encouragement. We are born such a beautiful planet. we have to grab our opportunities, achieve your goal, satisfy yourself, use your energy fully and enjoy your life , if we can. Thank you for set up this web site.

  5. I’m 53 years old, a runner and just got a date for my hip replacement. May 5th. While I’m a bit freaked out, I’m happy to have the date set, get it done and be on my way to recovery and hopefully running again. I was diagnosed needing the THR while training for my second New York Marathon. Was suppose to run it for my 50th birthday but never made it through training… I loved finding this blog! It helped to motivate me into pushing forward with this. I still run, short distance only and it hurts like hell!!!

  6. I am scheduled to have total hip this summer and want to know what kind of prosthesis you have where you are allowed to continue to run? My doc said I would have to give up all running and jumping, and needless to say I am devastated . I am currently looking into resurfacing so that I may have the hope of being able to continue to run. I’m only 49. I had labral repair via scope 4 years ago. I guess it wasn’t the forever cure I was hoping for. I now face a life without the sport that I love and just when I felt like no one understood me I found this site . I look forward to hearing from you. Tks

  7. Tom, my previous posts indicated I was considering the hip replacement. Well, Monday 15SEP14, I had the right hip replaced via anterior approach. I was out of the hospital the next day, working out on home gym two days later and training with weights the following week. The recovery has been very fast. Still have some swelling but that should past soon ….heck, it has only been two weeks as of today. So, based off past posts and your experience, when is the best week to consider a short run. Week 8, 10, 12, etc?

  8. Greetings,
    I am a 46 year old runner, who, is on his second hip surgery following a traumatic injury (hit by a car cycling) . I have finally decided that the pain is not going to stop, so it’s time to have a hip replacement. I was so depressed that I would never run again. I was thankful to be ble to run after the initial hip fracture repair (2011). Since the pain started late 2013, and the second surgery was done to try and save the hip, the only thing I have heard from doctors is “you will never run again”. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find this blog. I’m looking at April for the replacement. Hoping to share my recovery experience with some folks who have “been there, done that.” Thanks for the hope!

  9. This is not the right place but I don’t know how to get help. I supposedly joined hiprunner, but haven’t been able to login without paying money to wordpress. I want to know if there is any experience of runners 5, 10, 15 years after hip replacement. I had surgery 17 days ago, want to know when to start the elliptical walker light running.

    1. Hi Bruce.

      That just doesn’t make sense. You should be able to set yourself up on our site without being charged??? Nobody else has ever reported that problem. If I can help in any way, please let me know. Regarding your question, I would encourage you to look at the list of HipRunners in the club. There is a date that shows when they got their first THR. They will be able to take your questions. I was able to “begin” running at month 4. I am guessing that that would be the conservative time frame for using the elliptical as well. Hope this helps and I hope you will be able to become a member of the club.

      Hip Brother Tom.

      1. Bruce,

        I couldn’t find your account anywhere in the system. If you would like me to set your account up for you, I will be happy to do so.


  10. At what point did you choose to have surgery? I have transitioned to bicycling and the elliptical. I can struggle through a run, but am sore for days. I am not in pain per say, just stiff. What is the tipping point for surgery?

    P.S. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips. Dr. states that a hip replacement is not a matter of if, but when.

    Thank you for your response.

    1. I have been an avid runner for years….my right hip started giving me problems about 3 years ago. I switched to raod biking and gym cardio stuff…had a THR in May 2015 (anterior approach)….it went great and now, 7 months later I am gradually jogging and walking a 5K route with no pain. I am being cautious however….I am not so much concerned about wearing the new joint out (I am 61) but I do not want to do any damage to the new joint before it totally heals.

    2. I delayed both my surgeries for about 4 years. I could no longer run, but could bike, swim, snowboard, etc. My tipping point was when I could no longer work 40 hrs/week, nor walk more than three miles. I was taking a lot of Advil, and finally started getting ulcers. Increase your short-term disability insurance, and have them done in the same calendar year; it will save you a significant amount. I am glad I did it; maybe waited just a bit too long.

  11. Possible THR here. I used to run about 6 years ago, until I developed a runners fracture in the top of my foot and my left hip started hurting. I am not a marathoner by any means but I had gotten up to about 20 miles a week. I had gotten down to 185 (High School weight). Flash forward to now, remarried, 44, gained all my weight back (240lbs). I decided it was time to get back out there. Dr gave me a cortisone shot in the left hip and 4 days later I was off at it. After 2 months I worked my way up to doing a 5K. Did the 5K and now my right hip is killing me. Had a cort shot in that one as well, but it’s not helping. Doc is saying they may need to do a THR.

    I don’t want to do the high mileage marathons, but a 5K would be nice every once in a while. Every other day jogging is my goal if this happens. Just hoping if this does happen that it fixes the issue. Anyone have any tips for joggers to not hit the heel so hard? Pace is usually about a 12 minute mile.

  12. Has anyone had hip resurfacing? If not, why not? My understanding is that is a more suitable procedure if you want to return to running.

  13. Is there anyone out there that started back running after having hip replacement surgery and the hip replacement failed due to running. I recently had my left hip replaced. I would like to starting running again,but II don’t want to a revision either. Can you let me know about failures of hip replacement due to running?

  14. Hi Linda,

    This site has been up since January 2012. No reports of revisions due to running so far. Hip replacement technology is so good these days, it is quite possible they could outlast us, even with our crazy running.

    1. Thanks for the info about revision after running. I had THR 1/18/16. My recovery has been wonderful . I was walking on my own 3 days after surgery. PT had me running 3 weeks after surgery.running feels as natural as it did before my accident.
      I’m back biking, elliptical workouts, cross country ski machine workouts as much as I did before surgery. I’m doing a little running, mostly on soft surfaces, feels wonderful. My surgeon doesn’t want me to run, but said he would take care of me if ran and had tto have a revision. I don’t plan to return to the 35 to 40 miles a week running Idid before surgery, I just want to do 2 to 3 miles several times a week. I will keep you posted on my Hip Running. I’m so glad I found HipRunner. It has help me so much. Linda

  15. Hi fellow “Tin hippers”!

    I had an Exeter THR in 2009, when I was 48yrs old. Prior to this I was a very Athletic person, always running , playing team sport to a County/ regional level. Following the THR, ( my surgeon advised against a resurfacing due my age , gender and research indicating that bone narcosis was a high risk factor for resurfacing and advised a THR would be the
    better option). I was gutted to learn that I would no longer be able to run or take part in impact sport and so since this operation, Ive gradually put weight on because I can no

    longer run, and find gyms boring. I don’t swim, and a struggle with just simply walking – it’s too slow!

    When i ws able to run , I only ever did 3-4 mile runs 2-3 times a week.

    I wondered if anyone on here would know if it is possible for me to start jogging after such a long lay off from running? I must admit , I am weak in my core and glute medius muscle group ( having had a posteriolateral proceedure). I was a compliant patient and adhered to the advice , ” you must never run again”, but now I’ve read all the posts on here, I feel almost cheated of my one great love, running.

    1. Hi Liz,

      So sorry for the late reply. Having a long lay off from running, you will experience those start up pains related to getting active again. And your hip might ache a little more than you are used to. But…Y-E-S….you definitely can get back to it. You just need to remember there will be 2 types of pain, the pain of getting back into shape and the pain of getting that hip working for you again. We all experience a little of it. Just be sure to listen to the hip and when it tells you to rest….be sure to rest. Then when it is ready again, give it another try. Best of luck to you. You will run again….if you want to.

  16. Having THR on Tuesday and I can’t wait to get back to real running. I’m doing a 10 mile trail race (slowly) on Sunday to say “goodbye yucky hip, hello new hip”!

    1. That’s the spirit Wendy. Fighting it right up to the end. You’ll do well with your new hip! You’ve got the right attitude.

  17. Hi now 18months post op. I ran for a few yrs in my early 30’s going sub 3. I stopped running once i found out at 33 that i needed a THR. Now i cycle to Cat 1 level but would love to yry another marathon before i turn 40. Has anyone had any problems distance training? I ran 3miles @7.30 pace for the first time yesterday but was quiet sore after. Any advice returning to the sport

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