Tom – 2012 Recap

Hot Summer Nights 5K’s were definitely hot…..

From a running standpoint (and a hip replacement standpoint), 2012 could not have gone any better.  There were ups and downs throughout the year…but my running improved.

Here is a recap of the most notable blog posts…..

Resolutions for the coming year.  Oh I have some….

  1. Get back to a good racing weight…..175 would be ideal…I would like to drop about 5 to 8 lbs.
  2. Improve my diet.  What is the vegetable equivalent of 1 beer and a cheeseburger?
  3. Qualify for Bloomsday 2nd Seeding.  OK.  I am the 2nd Seeding Coordinator, but I also want to prove my metal as a faster runner.  First seeding race will be the St. Paddy’s 5 miler in March.  I will attempt to break 31 minutes at that race.
  4. Increase overall leg flexibilty and strength.  In this category, fellow hip runner Brian Scanlon has me beat.  He is focusing much of his recovery time on leg strength and flexibility.  If I could do it over….I would have spent more time stretching in the earlier months.  But it is never too late.
  5. Bloomsday in under my age.  I’ve come close.  2 years ago, I ran the 12k race (7.46 miles) in 45 minutes and change.  This year, all I have to do is run it in under 47 minutes.
  6. Run a half marathon in sub 1:25.  I’m thinking fall for this.


2 thoughts on “Tom – 2012 Recap

  1. Tom, I love your goals! Good luck! Next week will be 4 months since my surgery. I am trying NOT to run for a full 6 months but I am really getting anxious. P.S. Don’t ever give up the beer for vegetables!!

    1. Thanks Brian. I doubt I will be able to follow through on the veggie resoloution…..but everything else is locked in. I don’t know HOW you can hold off for 6 months…..but patience will pay off……Happy New Year!

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