Nurses, Aides and PTs

So I’ve never flown first class on purpose (one time I got bumped into first class – imagine that).  The service and attention that I’m getting while I’m laid up is second to none.  The bedside manner of all of the nurses, aides and PTs is commendable.  I feel like a million bucks.  I spoke with Tamara Sheehan the fourth floor nurse manager and just wanted to let her know that I was very pleased with the care I am getting.  Everyone has been very responsive and very nice also.  So today I did PT (Or tried to do PT).  It didn’t go well.   I got 10 steps with the crutches, told them I felt dizzy and bam, the next thing I knew, I was sitting in a chair, completely drenched with sweat with tons of people around me.  I’m still amazed that they were able to move so quickly to prevent me from falling.  This truly is 5 star care.  Bedside manner is such an important thing and all of the Aides, PT’s and Nurses that I have come across have this quality nailed to a T.
Physical Therapist Carey Prepping me for PT

Aide Ana
Aide Ana chats with me while working to change the linens on my bed

NIght Nurse AngeeNight Nurse Angee and her cohort Brennon were very responsive to anything I needed. I feel like I’m flying first class.

Me trying to walk just before I passed out
Me trying to walk on crutches just before I passed out.

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