Ain’t So Bad!

Ok.  So prior to the surgery I felt like the last great hope for the village to defeat the village monster….only I was the village AND the last great hope.  I was hopeful AND optimistic going in.   Then I had this crazy hip replacement procedure and now I feel like I’m returning to the village VERY defeated.  Instead of coming back saying “Is that all you got?”…”Ain’t so bad!” (I.E. Rocky – Very Motivational).  I’m whimpering and quietly wondering when I was run over by the MAC truck.   I have to  be positive again and realize that I AM recovering   I HAVE been doing my exercises.  My bum is getting firmer,  my ankles have never felt stronger.  it’s time to start looking at the glass half full again.  People of the village hear me!  The village monster has been defeated!  Ahem….by the way…I just took my meds 10 minutes ago!  Ain’t So Bad! I am returning to a state of hopeful optimism.

I will say this though.  I have new respect for my friend Missy who went through 2 of these.  Every time I’ve talked to her she’s had a smile on her face and is always very helpful.  She took down 2 village monsters!  Wow.  2 MAC trucks.  Amazing.

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