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As 2013 progressed I became stronger and the hip was less and less a factor in my performances.  I can finally say that after 2 years….it feels mostly normal. Staying optimistic was definitely key to gaining strength.

Here is a recap of the most notable blog posts…..

Last Year’s Resolutions: In my 2012 Recap, I made some resolutions for the coming year.  Let’s see how I did…

  1. Qualify for Bloomsday Second Seeding (CHECK)
    To be seeded at the Lilac Bloomsday run, you have to have run the race the previous year in under 48 minutes, or you have to have run one of the area qualifying races in a preset time.  I wasn’t able to qualify from the previous year because the race was just 4 months after my hip replacement.  But I was able to qualify for 2nd Seeding through several of the area races.
  2. Bloomsday in Under my Age (CHECK)
    The Bloomsday race cover 12 Kilometers (that is 7.46 miles).  I needed to break 47 minutes to run Bloomsday in under my age.  My finish time was 46:17. (6:12 per mile).   How did I do that????
  3. Get back to a good Racing Weight (CHECK/UNCHECK)
    I was back down to 175 by Bloomsday Race Day, but later in the year I gained a bit of it back again.
  4. Increase overall leg flexability and strength  (NOPE)
    I am just not patient enough to be a good stretcher.  And I KNOW I need to work on strengthening this hip.  I just didn’t have time to fit it all in….
  5. Improve my diet (NOPE)
    I just like beer and burgers toooooo much.
  6. Run a half marathon in under 1:25 (NOPE)
    I should not have waited until the end of the year to do this.  I attempted it in December last year and ran a 1:27.

Resolutions for the 2014.  Oh I have some….

  1. Get back to a good racing weight…..175 would be ideal…I would like to drop about 5 to 8 lbs.  This may be a recurring resolution…but I am optimistic.
  2. Improve my diet.  What is the vegetable equivalent of 1 beer and a cheeseburger?  Another recurring resolution.
  3. Bloomsday in under my age.  It should be easier this year.  I did it last year and now I get a whole extra minute.  Bloomsday in under 48 (but really…I’d like to beat last year’s time…46:16 would work)….
  4. Run a half marathon in sub 1:25.  I’m not waiting until fall for this, my first attempt will be at the Snake River Half marathon on March 1st.  I’m optimistic.
  5. Get more leg strength and flexibility.  Saying it doesn’t make it happen.  I have to figure out away to get more stretching and leg strength into my daily routine.
  6. Provide more resources to my fellow Hip Runners.  There is no doubt that active people are finding this site useful for researching, comparing, contemplating, and coming to peace with the idea of a hip replacement.    I hope this community continues to thrive and grow.  Suggestions are welcome…..

2 Year State of the Hip Address.

I am currently sidelined.  Not because of my hip, but because I re-aggravated my right calf muscle again (I aggravated it initially in November, 2013).   But the Snake River Half Marathon is coming in 1 month.  I have switched to pool workouts now.  Hard to believe I can actually sweat in a pool, but I can.  Going into my hip operation, I knew that NOTHING was impossible. Time would tell if I would be able to run again.  2013 showed that I could get back to an even better place.  I am so happy for this hip and I am over-the-top optimistic for 2014.


5 thoughts on “Tom – 2013 Recap

  1. Thanks for publishing your goal setting Tom. This will inspire me to do the same. And if published, I would be more likely to strive to achieve them. I’ll think about it and publish my own goals during one of my weekly updates.

  2. Good example, Tom. If you don’t set your goals you can’t meet them. And its harder to get out of bed for an early morning workout if it doesn’t “count” toward a goal. I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2014, it’s hard for me to project right now where I should set the target. Funny coincidence – I’m a vegetarian who would like to incorporate more bacon and cheeseburgers into my diet!

  3. Tom, you’re my role model for recovery and thank you for putting this community together. Staying optimistic is so important even when things seem like they’re going on a downward trend. I know you’ll check off those goals as done at the next end of the year update.

  4. Good luck with this year’s goals. Just seeing what is possible 2 years out has helped me keep a positive attitude 1 week out, hobbling around.

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