Sarah K – Week Nine

Three weeks until I can run again and three weeks of PT under my belt.

I must admit, I was very skeptical of PT when I first started down this road and was relieved when my doctor told me I wouldn’t need any PT for the first month. I even agreed with the nurse practitioner during my one month follow-up that I wouldn’t need to see my PT more than a couple of times (but of course if I wanted to, I should call her so she can refill my PT prescription).

Well, today I made that call, because PT is amazing.

As you know (or not – if you haven’t committed all my posts to memory), I was walking with a pretty pronounced limp and questioned whether I needed to limp or if my brain was still just telling me to limp. I will never know the answer to that questions, but after three weeks, the limp is practically gone (look, I have videos to prove it).

Week One

With each session I learn something new my body has been doing these past several years to make up for a hip that could no longer do its job. And with each session we correct it and make me stronger.

Week Three

I was annoyed at the beginning of May that I needed to wait a few more weeks to post my first run. I realized I couldn’t run with my limp, but at the same time wondered if I couldn’t just pop some Advil, push through the discomfort and come out on the other side stronger and happier and limp free. I’m really glad I didn’t do that. Yes, I probably could have and might’ve even believed I was stronger and doing fine, but knowing the various cheats my body has been doing to keep me upright – I would’ve end up even more injured (eventually).

Instead, I am taking my time, relearning how to do things I used to just take for granted (like lifting my good leg while balancing on my bad) and dreaming of just how amazing my first run is gonna feel.

5 thoughts on “Sarah K – Week Nine

  1. I am so glad you’re getting so much out of PT and cultivating patience at the same time. It’s going to really pay off in the long run. Great to have an update!

  2. Sarah
    Big difference in the two videos, you are progressing well. I tried to run at 12 weeks and it was an epic failure. But it made me realize where I was in my recovery and where I had to get too. Pick a 5K in September and set that as your goal. End of the year a 10K and Broad Street in May. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

  3. Great videos Sarah. I think this is a good post for the questions and answers section of this blog so I am going to add a link to it there.

  4. Sarah, so glad I found your posts. Haven’t found the video yet but I am going through the exact same thing. I’m on my third week post-op and I am limping badly without my cane. It’s disconcerting because somehow through all this diagnosis of osteo-arthritis, I have a left leg longer than my right by one inch. My hip replacement was on my left side so there wasn’t anything they could do except tighten it up as best they could. So…I’m freaking out that I may never be able to walk normally again unless I get the right hip replaced! I see my surgeon this week for the 4 week follow up and I am hopeful that outpatient therapy will lessen the limp. Thanks for sharing your experience and if anybody else has a leg differential, I’d love to hear from you.

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