Ruth – 6 months on and counting

Had my 6 month check up last Thursday – I could have written the script – “replaced right hip looks fantastic, strength is great, range of motion great but hows the left feeling ?” Well – considering last October we were discussing replacing the left and 4 months after that the right decided it had had enough I’d have to say the left these days is doing well. The X-rays suggest it shouldn’t be but thankfully “we don’t treat the X-ray we treat the symptoms” – it was music to my ears. I promptly bought an entry on Craiglist for the Philadelphia half marathon last sun Sept 21st and ran a comfortable 1hr 45min run around Phili with no problems at all. I’ve been running three times a week – a 5k, a longer 6-7mller with a few hills and a longer slow run on the weekends – probably not what is expected 6 months after a new hip but so far so good. I decided I’m not going to slow up waiting for the left to say enough like the right one did rather I’m going to continue to run like I would like to. A 10k here and half marathon there and a marathon on the horizon. Strength training I believe has allowed me to be this way and patience while listening very carefully to my body. Keep working at it – there’s no end to what we can all do.

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  1. Awesome recovery Ruth! I did just about the same thing, although my 6 month half marathon was anything but comfortable and not close to 1:45. I’ll be getting my other hip done soon. My goal this time will be a half marathon 7 months after surgery. Keep up the good work!

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