Ruth – Windy City Marathon – DONE !

It’s almost 8 months since my right hip replacement and it’s two days after I ran and finished the Chicago Marathon. Every run that I’ve managed to do since February has been a process. Each run has become easier and stronger with the occasional hiccup from my left hip. I set myself a small series of goals. Half a mile, a mile, two miles , a 5 k a quicker 5 k, maybe a good pace 10k, Broad Street run through Philadelphia, a few 10 mile runs through the Wissahickon park and Forbidden Drive, the Philadelphia Rock ‘en Roll half marathon and maybe just maybe a Marathon.
Chicago October 12 – by myself with a determination but a reasonable expectation. I’ve run a few marathons, I think I know how to deal everything that can happen in a marathon – the self doubt, the hills and valleys of emotions that can happen throughout. I wanted to finish it safe and healthy – I didn’t want to stop and walk but I think I would have had I needed to. But with limited training and a massive determination I am happy to say I finished on sunday morning with a time of 3hr 47mins. I’m a little sore but nothing more than what I think I should feel. My new right hip is feeling great and better news my left hip seems to be in a holding pattern and felt just as good.
For those of you who are wondering if you’ll ever be able to…..Yes you can. Small goals, step by step.

5 thoughts on “Ruth – Windy City Marathon – DONE !

  1. Congrats on the marathon and your time. Make sure you take at least a week off to rest and recover. I didn’t and have been paying the price ever since.

  2. So happy to read this post! Congrats Ruth! I am hoping to have a similar post next fall. I ran the Chicago marathon in 2011 and it is definitely one of my faves!

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