Tom – 2014 Recap

Missoula Half Marathon - BOOM! Goal Achieved!
Missoula Half Marathon – BOOM! Goal Achieved!

As I have done for each of the previous 2 years, (2012 Recap, 2013 Recap) it is time to provide a recap of the year.  My new hip continues to do well.  I have been hampered by a knee injury on my non-thr leg, which is curtailing my running a bit, but I continue to maintan a modest 25-35 miles per week.

Here is a recap of some of my most notable blog posts from the year:

  1. When you think you can’t ….. think Dixon.  A true testament to running with a hip replacement, even at the ripe young age of 90.  Dixon is an inspiration to me.
  2. Seattle Rock-n-Roll….. Summer Spoils….  Running in the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon and achieving my goal of sub 1:25 for the half marathon.
  3.  Missoula Half Marathon …. Repeating my sub 1:25 with a sore knee…
  4. Blooomsday. Ran it in under my age for the second time.
  5.  St. Paddy’s 5 Miler – 29:55.  Ran sub 6’s.  Liked that!

All in all it was a good year.  But what made it really REALLY good was seeing how many new hip runners  joined the group this year.  AMAZING.  We are now over 200 strong and I suspect I will laugh at this number down the road.  As more people find us, this site will continue to grow at an exponential rate.  Welcome back to Dave W, who was one of the first Hip Runners on this site.  Many of you can learn A LOT from him as he actually took some time off after reporting some fantastic early successes.  When he responds to your posts, listen.  Experience is the best teacher and he has lots of it!  Welcome back Dave!  I have hinted at getting some sort of shirt to sell on this site.  You will now see it as a goal for 2015 in the list below.  I hope to direct any/all profits (miniscule as they will be) towards helping with miscellaneous expenses for the XC/Track teams at the school that my boys go to.  I have been hampered by a knee injury that I experienced at Hoopfest this year.

Recap of 2014 Goals:  (I did pretty good….)

  1.  Get back to a good racing weight … 175 lbs.  (NOPE)
    I feel like I am in good shape.  But my weight stayed consistent at 182 lbs.  If it means losing some muscle, then I will stay at 182.
  2. Improve my diet. (I give it a B+).  While I still am addicted to Diet Coke, my breakfast and lunch routine has improved immensely.  When I make the boys’ lunches, I leave the chips and snacks out of my lunch.  McDonald’s breakfasts are delicious, but I have been sticking to a Nature Valley breakfast biscuit in the mornings.  It has helped.
  3. Bloomsday in under my age. (A+)  Not only did I run it in under my age, I beat a few of my fellow teammates who will never let that happen again…. 🙂
  4. Run a half marathon in sub 1:25.  (A++)  I did it twice.  What a great feeling that was…
  5. Get more strength and flexibility.  (B+) My strength has improved, my flexibility has not.
  6. Provide more resources to my fellow hip runners. (A)  I give this one an ‘A’.  The group is growing, so I/We MUST be doing something right.

Goals for 2015:

  1. Make all Hip Runners aware of the great resources on this site.  One of the main ones that I don’t see getting used  is the “Email Users” option which allows any logged in hip runner to shoot an email to the entire group.  A lot of questions are presented on the website in the form of a post.  While it is awesome to see Hip Runners post their progress on this site, the ’email users’ option will reach more users who may not go to the site to read a lot, and it will also increase hip runner involvement.   Check it out the next time you log in on the left side bar of the page.
  2. Hip Runner Shirts.  Not sure what the reception for these will be like, but runner’s with hip replacements should wear a badge that shows just how THR tough they are.  I thought I had a shirt in motion, but the source has not  panned out.  I have made it a goal for 2015.  Profits from this shirt will go towards misc expenses for the XC/Track team at the HS that my kids go to.
  3. Strengthen my core.  The requirement is simple.  Incorporate a little core work into my workout schedule every day.
  4. Get to 175lb.  7 lbs! It is not impossible….I  can do this!
  5. Bloomsday in under my age.  This one will be a tough one this year.  My non-thr hip side knee is aching.  The ortho says it is because my non-thr hip is causing the problem.  Yikes.  If another Hip Replacement is in my future, then it will have to wait until after the racing season is over.  That said,  The Bloomsday run is the only timing goal that I am going to set for this year.  No Pain…No Gain.
  6. Stay Optimistic.  This is going to be a bit of a down year for my racing.  I know it.  I am planning for it.  I am staying optimistic.
  7. Planning a race that we can all get to.  Maybe for 2016.  A race that all of the hip runners can meet up at!  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Happy New Year to you all!  And may your goals for 2015 be achieved early and often!


3 thoughts on “Tom – 2014 Recap

  1. Tom, I love the idea of a race where the Hiprunners can run together. I believe this determined group of people would support it greatly!!

  2. Tom,
    Thank you for your reference to me as a great resource. I view this site as a great resource where I can share my experiences and also learn from others, especially you. Having been injured it may have been very easy to call it a day and say running with a hip replacement isn’t meant to be. Instead this site has taught me that it is possible with proper education and training running injury free and fast is certainly possible. I would be proud to wear a Hip Runner shirt, put me down for one and if you need help finding a resource to help put it together I may be able to help. I would love to race but obviously depends on a number of factors but would be great to meet so many of the folks I read about on the site. You are an inspiration for any runner, let alone THR runners, keep up the great work.

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