I’m BACK !!!!!!

3 years and dual THR’s and I’m finally back !!!!!! Woke up this morning and after reading all the positive comments last night, that have been sent my way, I decided to have a longer run  (16kms) through the mountains. I had THE most awesome run since either of my THR and I am  now feeling on top of the world !!! It was a toughy because nothing is really flat here in Spain, but I literally flew along & up the mountains. Now time for a nice cool swim. Did I mention that I will be Stateside in December – Florida here we come !!!

6 thoughts on “I’m BACK !!!!!!

  1. Felicity, I feel your joy!You sound so jubilant. Well done you. It inspires me for my future! At just over 3 months post op, I am running again, now up to 5 miles, but only very infrequently. I can just see the smile on your face as you did this run – because I recognise that feeling. Yes, yes, yes!

  2. Nice Felicity! You ought to check in with Dave Whiteside when you get to Florida! Would love to see a post with 2 Hip Runners running together! Happy for you!

  3. Hi Felicity, glad to hear you had a great run. Where in Florida are you going, as Tom says it would be great to get together for a run.

    1. Hi Dave. We have a timeshare at Orange Lake in Kissimmee, Orlando and will be there from about the 4th December for just under 2 weeks, then we fly up to NYC for 3 days then Dubai for 2 days then back home to Durban,S Africa. I’ll no doubt be running around all the villages at Orange Lake,this time I’m assuming it will be a lot cooler as we’re usually there early September when it’s very humid, but because the grandchildren are coming with we have to go in school holidays & December is their long Summer break. Whereabout are you in Florida?

    1. Hi Dave. I’ve had a look at the map to see exactly where you are and you’re on the West side whilst I’ll kinda be on the East side mas y menos . I see the race starts at 7.35 am which means to get across there I’d need to be looking at
      leaving Orlando by about 3 am which is not going to happen

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