Third Marathon after hip surgery

Nov 22 – not yet 2 years post my first hip replacement. I say first because the other side will be replaced when it rears its ugly head. In the meantime, I’ve set some lofty goals for myself. 10 weeks after surgery – Run the largest 10miler in the country the Broad Street run. Done. 7 months after -run the Philadelphia Half marathon. Done. 8 months later run the Chicago Full Marathon. Done.
At this point one would think that’s enough but no. Last April I returned to London to run for the charity “Children with Cancer” and completed the Marathon in my fastest time. In between all of this I have continued to strengthen and listen to my body. Rest properly, eat properly and try to preserve the other hip for as long as possible. Yesterday I ran, what is now, my third marathon since Feb 2014. I revisited the first marathon that I ever tried to run. Possibly somewhat undertrained but not detered by the wind or the chill in Philadelphia- I managed to break 3hr 39mins a full 10mins faster than Chicago a year ago. My new hip was magical, my old hip mysteriously felt nothing, my feet – well that’s another story. My point being here – listen to your body, treat it kindly and with care but don’t slow down – there’s way too much out there to think that you can no longer do it or shouldn’t.

7 thoughts on “Third Marathon after hip surgery

  1. Great job Ruth. a friend Boston qualified for 2017 yesterday. Are you planning on running broad street in 2016. our group runs it every year for Fox Chase Cancer center. maybe we can meet up. I need to start training for broad street. May is around the corner.

    1. Hey Doug – I’m just revisiting the Hiprunner page and read your comment again about running the Broad street this year. I entered and didn’t get in !! Do you or your group , have any entries that might not get used in May – I’ve been hunting around for an entry but they seem to be like gold dust at the moment. I’m planning on doing the Back on your feet 5miler in March and the Love run half in April – got the goal of doing the Berlin Marathon in September providing the other hip obliges – then if ALL goes well I want to try and do the rest of the world major marathons. Got to shoot high right ? Hope you’re running well and do let me know if you’re planning on any of the local races and if there’s an extra bib anywhere that you know of. All the best, Ruth

  2. Ruth! So awesome that you set those goals! 3:39 Marathon? Woah! You could kick my bleepity bleep bleep right now! Way to go!

  3. Ruth certainly some amazing accomplishments in your first 2 years. Keep up the good work. I’m hoping to qualify for Boston 2017 in my next marathon, maybe we should see how many HipRunners we can get to run the race.

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