2015 Recap

Me and the SDP boys prior to the start of Bloomsday

At the end of the each year following my hip replacement, I have provided a recap of the year and established new goals (See 2012 Recap, 2013 Recap, 2014 Recap).  These recaps have helped me to assess my progress and establish goals for the new year.

As I indicated in my 2014 recap, my bad knee on my non THR was going to make 2015  a tougher year for me.    Still, I was pleased with the goals that I was able to reach.

Here is a recap of my goals for 2015……

  1. Make all Hip Runners aware of the great resources on this site.   Although attendance is up over 400 members now, I give myself a D for my grade on this one.  I was really hoping more people would take advantage of the “email users” option which gives users the ability to email the entire Hiprunner group to ask questions.   It is another way of reaching Hiprunners who don’t normally  open the website on a regular basis.  I will keep on working to make the site more user friendly.
  2. Hip Runner Shirts.  Grade ‘A’ on this one.  The first round of shirts have sold and I have gotten version 2.0 printed.  The material is much more comfortable and the back lets people know that they are being passed by a person with a Total Hip Replacement.  Coming soon…..
  3. Strengthen my core.  Grade ‘A’ on this one.  I was faithful about starting my day with a round of core exercises.
  4. Get to 175lb.  7 lbs! Grade ‘C’ on this.  I actually hit 174 after weighing myself in  the early summer after a very hard and hot run.  But then the surgery came.  This goal will be added back to the list.
  5. Bloomsday in under my age.  I scored an ‘A+’ on this.  Not only did I run under 49 minutes, I ran a 47:52.  With the aching knee I couldn’t have been happier.
  6. Stay Optimistic.  Is there a grade higher than ‘A+’?  What’s the alternative to staying optimistic?  The knee pain slowed me down, but it did not curb my optimism.  It is optimism that keeps me moving forward.
  7. Planning a race that we can all get to.  Grade ‘A’ for this.  I can thank fellow HipRunner Dave Whiteside for coming out to Spokane to run the Spokane Marathon.  Unfortunately, my knee surgery kept me from being able to run with him.  Still meeting up with him and Michele (another Hip Runner) was a record breaking feat….3 hiprunners in the same place.  I encourage you all to beat it.

So what is in store for 2016?

I have to be realistic here.  The knee surgeries have set me back a bit and not being able to run really caused me to get out of running shape.  So here goes…

  1. Snake River in under 1:35.  This half marathon is only a month away.  At this point, I don’t believe I will be ready to duplicate my time from last year.  But sub 1:35 could be possible…that would by 7:15’s.  Thinking about that pace right now….kind of makes me ill. 🙂
  2. Bloomsday in sub 49:00.  Same goal as last year.  I hope I surprise myself.
  3. Weight under 180. I added a few lbs after my surgeries.  It is time to shed them before the spring/summer racing season gets here.
  4. Survive the Rut.  I signed up for a 28k in September 2016.  It’s called ‘The Rut’ and has crazy elevation gains.  My only goal is to survive.
  5. Increased Leg Strength.  I didn’t know how weak my quads and glutes were until I signed up for 3 classes with a trainer.  She took me through some exercises that had me waddling uncomfortably for a good week.  It made me realize the stress that I have been putting on my knees and hips due to weak surrounding muscles.  I am committed to improving my leg strength to hopefully extend the life of these joints.
  6. Hip Runner Shirt..Version 2.0.  Coming soon.
  7. Break the record for the most Hip Runners gathered together at one time – Currently 3.  I will need some help with this one, and if any of you coordinate on your own to make this happen then I will consider my goal as reached!
  8. Stay Optimistic.  I have to close with this one.  Where am I without it?

I would like to close this post with motivation for you all…..a reason to stay optimistic.   Know that for every bad day you may have, you’ll have 50 good ones (at least).  Check out this video….if a 104 year old can get out there and have fun running…..so can we….



6 thoughts on “2015 Recap

  1. Thanks Tom for all of your hard work and inspiration. The site has been extremely helpful getting me through some tough times. This sunday I’ll be running my sixth marathon since my THR (Nov 2013). Thanks again and good luck on your goals this year. Hip brother Spencer

    1. How many days a week do you run? Can you send me your marathon training plan since THR? I have 17 marathons to go to reach my 50 state goal. I am having THR on March 4th (53 yrs old). Trying to get my head around running less than 6 days a week. Also wondering if you have had any x-rays since you have started running marathons again. How is the new hardware holding up?

  2. Great Post Tom!! I especially love last years core goal and this years leg strength or what I call stability. Core and stability are some of the keystones for injury free long term THR running. I committed to a daily core and stability routine in early December. Every day shortly after a wake up.

  3. Very nice write up Tom. Great to see everything you have accomplished and are working toward.

    And I am especially interested in the new shirts. I have a few races coming up and would love to have one of these on for these events. The main one would be a trail race in June. It was the very first race I won my age group. I’m not sure I could do it again, but having the shirt would be great.

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