New member, here’s some 10 week post surgery details before I forget.


50 year old male, ceramic / poly hip, anterior approach.  Got my left hip replacement April 4th 2016 (the right is still original and fine).  Surgery was in the morning, could stand about 4 hours later but VERY weak.  Should have eaten more that evening but stopped at 7pm, should have grabbed something before my 12 hour window expired (highly recommend Gatorade).  No problem walking the next day.  Used a walker for 4 more days, then a cane for 2 more weeks.  Still “sort of” limped for 6 weeks, partly out of habit.

Hip history:

Had been slowing down for about 2 years now, although I have been running with a limp for 6 or so years.  X-rays over the years showed that the cartilage in my left hip had been declining over the past 10 plus years.  Doctor said that my labrum was torn, which I think I did several years ago riding dirt bikes.  That all I can attribute my cartilage loss to, doc says that it’s not possible.

Running history:

Been running regularly for a dozen or so years, mostly to stay in shape for dirt bike riding, and I consider myself a middle distance runner.  I really do like going 8 to 14 miles.  Did my first full marathon 6 years ago (3:58), preparation held me back but even then my hip was hurting.  My hip really didn’t stop me from running until last October (8 months ago), that’s when I knew it was time.  Too bad it took 6 months to get it replaced.

Getting back into running:

10 weeks since my surgery date and I haven’t run yet.  Been biking for 4 weeks and walking 2 plus miles 4 times a week for 6 weeks.  Surgeon doesn’t want me to run for 16 weeks (possibly never), but I do have a 10 mile race in September and I’m using my biking and walking to at least keep me somewhat conditioned for that.  So the 16 week “delay” isn’t great but won’t stop me.


So what’s this about needing to take an antibiotic after “every” dentist visit ~ for life??

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  1. Rich,

    Great information here. I think I might stick this in the “Things to know” list for new hip runners. Thanks for the post. Yes. My dentist requires that I take antibiotics prior to every visit….(including cleanings). Others have said it is not necessary, but you dentist won’t proceed unless I have taken the antibiotics. Good Stuff!

  2. Antibiotic after the dentist? I’m told to take mine an hour before. All in all, it’s a small price to pay for the security.

    Your degeneration mirrors mine a lot. Shoot for that 10 mile race. You have 4- 6 weeks to train. You may want to sneak in a couple runs before 16 weeks. My Dr gave me the go ahead after 6 weeks, so 16 seems a little long.

    1. The antibiotic’s are new to me so I must have misunderstood, got it now “one hour before”. Hopefully my dentist has some on hand, something I can pickup prior to a cleaning and taking at the appropriate time.

      I’m encourage and impressed that you could start running 6 weeks post surgery! Maybe my doc is more of a Nancy Boy, right now I am walking 3 miles at one time 4 times a week ~ so “sort of” training. It’s kind of a pep step and I actually feel it a little on my surgery ham string. Thinking that that muscle pain is coming from my inability to use the muscle correctly in a very long time, anything similar to when you got back into running? I was thinking that once that pain went away (it’s really not that bad) I’ll start with “really” running, what the doc doesn’t know he can’t complain about! 🙂

  3. I can actually speak a bit about this! Seems that bone infections are rather more common that we were brought up to think, and THEY ARE SERIOUS. I found out reading Sci. Am., seems a lot of the dino fossils show serious infections – and many of them died of it. So did some of the early joint replacement patients. Funny thing is that the infections travel – minor in the gums leaks into the bloodstream, takes root in that nice expensive hip replacement and WHAM! If you’re lucky they catch it in time, remove the appliance and a year of antibiotics saves your life. Otherwise you could be pushing up daisies.

    So, serious stuff that was caught, like a lot of medical problems by statistics. And a lot of people suffering. Don’t let their pain go to waste, learn from it and take the antibiotics as requested.

    1. Ok rgrein, you win ~ “antibiotics here I come”! There was a nurse helping me post surgery that mentioned that several months ago someone got an infection right out of surgery, had to remove the implant and wait 2 months for it to go away before they could try again. Can’t imagine what it was like living two months without a hip…

      Walked 3 miles today, felt good could have ran a few steps here and there but kept it cool and walked at a steady 17:11 mile pace. Planning on doing that for a couple more weeks then we up the pace! Got a new pair of Saucony’s in a box waiting for that day, but those Hoka One One’s might be in my future. I like the look of that extra thick sole and the cushion that they should give my new hip.

  4. Call your dentist and pick up the antibiotics a couple days before. Then should have them ready to go. Mine gives them to me after my appointment for the next appointment.

  5. Got a dentist appointment coming up in a month or so, with Rusty’s point I’m going to stop by my dentist and see if I can get one then ~ I’ll post what I’m told.

    Beyond all of this, how long after surgery did it take for the “old timers” (the completely healed up fellow hippies) before they were finally back to their former speed ~ if at all? In a way I’m hopeful that I might even be faster than I was even 3 to 5 years ago as my range of movement will be greater and I won’t be backing off as much from hip pain.

  6. My surgeon gave me the ok to NOT take antibiotics. The preprinted handout he gives all his hip patients says it’s no longer necessary( not a good use of antibiotics with so many resistant bugs gaining momentum), & not recommended by the ADA either. Anyways I knew that my surgeon didn’t think it was necessary, but my dentist refused to allow my teeth cleaning appointment without the antibiotic prior. Sheesh big waste of time hanging out in the waiting room. I was irked. I’d check with surgeons office & see what they say

    1. Michelle, my surgeon did say that initially it would only be a 2 year deal but you making the point about drug resistant bugs makes a lot of sense… And generally speaking I am pretty healthy (minus one hip), haven’t had the flu in 8 or so years and a couple decades before that and I’m also one of the people that never (never ever) get a flu shot.

      For now I am planning on taking the antibiotic for my up coming dentist visit. After that I have another post op inspection, hope to get released to run then but I’ll ask about the antibiotics again.

      On to more important things, I’m up to walking a 5k 4 times a week plus a couple more 12ish road pedal biking miles. Conditioning wise I think I’ll be ready for a 5k run (“mostly”) the day I get released. The pressure is on, I just volunteered to coach a group of new runners at work in a “couch to 5k” program. It would look pretty bad if the coach didn’t make it…

  7. I’m a bit late on this string, but there is no longer advice given for every total joint replacement patient to have antibiotics prior to dental visits – that is accepted thinkng from all of the major dental and orthopedic surgery bodies pretty much world-wide now.

    1. This is not only good to know, but “VERY GOOD” news in general, thank you Bill for sharing! When I got my initial prescription for dental work a year ago I was given a 2 year supply, doing the math I still have a year supply of antibiotics left (two visits worth). Any reason why I should skip them? I’m thinking that I have them ~ so “what the heck, nothing gained and nothing lost” by taking them.

      FYI: Ran 10 mile this morning, 13 months post surgery and I feel great!

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