New hips & new shoes

Blew the dust off my Garmin yesterday and went for what I hoped would be an easy 4 mile run in my brand new Newton Fate running kicks. After a blazing 12 minute mile pace I was compelled to run one more to make it a sweet 5 miles in exactly an hour. I spent the whole run concentrating on a midfoot strike. My legs were sore but I really felt great during and after the run. I plan on continuing that distance for a while, only running every other day and working on my speed. Stay tuned while I rewrite the book on second chances!!

Of note, although I do feel great I had a nice reminder this past Saturday that I had hip surgery just 3 months ago.  I was throwing an apple core into the woods (for the squirrels of course). When I wound up to throw and release, the pain in my new hip was pretty intense.  Guess I twisted it or something.  It was fine in 30 seconds though.

5 thoughts on “New hips & new shoes

  1. Congrats on the run! With that Garmin, you can get yourself hooked up on Strava and your running reports will go straight to the website. You are doing things right. Take it slow and listen to the hip. It is still healing. I didn’t feel like it was fully healed until around 16 months. Changing your running stride takes a lot of work and focus. Kudos to you!

  2. Glad the Newton’s worked out for you. My other recommendation, probably more so than foot strike position, is your cadence. This is the number of times you foot hits the ground in a minute. Some GPS watches will show you that, if not just count manually how many times your right foot hits the ground and multiply by 6 (x 3 to get to a minute and x 2 to include your left foot). The ideal rate is 180 per minute but I find that very difficult to achieve when I’m running slow. Slow running mine is around 172-174, average pace will see it around 180 and if I’m in a race it will be in the low 190’s. If I’m doing short speed work I can get mine up over 220. The more steps you take the less impact on each step.

    1. Thanks Dave.. I was reading about cadence on the Newton website. I tried counting on this mornings easy run but lost track. I like and will try your method

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