3 months post op – 2nd hip replacement

Bryant here again.  You all motivate me incredibly… I had my 2nd THR May 24th.   And amazingly I feel great… I do get a little reminder every once in a while but that’s usually very mild.  I have been swimming religiously, weight lifting and lots of stretching.  Even doing squats better than I have in 20 years. Rode bike 60 miles on Saturday at about a 17.5 mph avg pace.  Two weeks ago I started running experimentally and I am working carefully on developing/ perfecting a mid-foot landing form.  Seems to help quite a bit. This past Wednesday I ran 4 miles at about a 10.5 mph pace with no pain.  I’ve signed up for a Triathlon in September and plan to walk/run that portion.  Will be my first open ocean swim… funny that’s the part I’m worried about vice the run.

Question for anyone.. what kind of running shoes are you using? I’ve just started with Newtons to get away from heel striking and although awkward I like them. Wondering if I’ll start losing toenails now?  Anyway keep up the great work everyone!  If anyone is in or near Charleston SC let me know! The 40th Cooper River Bridge Run is next spring – great race in a great city!

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8 thoughts on “3 months post op – 2nd hip replacement

  1. Great to hear you are back rolling again! I too tried the Newtons and didn’t care for them. They actually hurt my mid foot, particularly on the operated side. I’m in Saucony Kinvara and have been also in Altra One ^2 which have just enough cushion for me. Oddly, Hokas make my hips hurt more. Weird.

    I’m in Charlotte. Maybe someday I’ll be down there for Cooper River!

  2. Hi Bryant,
    I have 10+ pairs of shoes that I run in but Newtons are amongst my favorites, the Gravity and Distance.I also run in minimalists shoes (Merrill Road Gloves), On CloudRacer and On CloudSurfer, Brooks Glycerine, Adidas Boost and others. I’ve tried some of the more cushioned shoes like Hoka but they weren’t for me but I know Tom swears by them. Bottom line is that it comes down to personal preference, distance and speed that you’re running. Newton’s are designed to help you run more forefoot but do take some getting used to.

    Great to hear you’re swimming, biking and stretching, all of those will help you run better, further and hopefully less injury prone. Take your time and good luck with the Tri.

    1. Thanks Dave
      I had been running in Hokas and just not working for me. I have CloudRacers as well and they were my favorite racing shoe before surgery. May pull them out again. Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. I run in Brooks. I have run quite a few marathons and Ironman triathlons in the Brooks Glycerine and also the Asics 2000 series. I tried the Newtons a couple of times, mainly because years ago I meet the guy who designed them. The Newtons did not do well for me. The forefoot cushion felt funny to me. I also tried the Hokas and they, too, did not do well for me. My calfs tightened. So i went back to the Brooks which work well for my foot. Like Dave says above, it totally comes down to personal preference and which shoe feels comfortable to your foot. I am scheduling a hip replacement this Fall so I’m anxious what my post surgery running will be. It’s encouraging to me to read that other runners are running after hip replacement.

    1. Good Luck with the Hip Replacement. No need to be anxious though. Be hopeful and optimistic. They will take you a long ways….as in a lot more road running miles…. 🙂

  4. The Hoka’s have been great for me and like Dave said, I swear by them. But I also found that they are not the best choice for trail running. The thicker cushioning gives you less ground clearance when you pick up your feet and with the uneven terrain of the trail, I found myself doing face plants during every trail run. I switched to the Brooks Cascadia for my trail running and I have not tripped since. For road runs, I stil use the Hokas. HOpe this helps.
    Congrats on your progress! You are doing great!

  5. Tried a pair of Hoka’s this weekend and liked them. So I’m walking in Hoka’s now for the extra cushion trying to postpone the ultimate decision for a THR. Question to anyone reading this. I’m a race director for a marathon race being held in November. About 2,000 runners for the full, half and 5k. I’m a little concerned about my reputation as a runner and race director needing a hip replacement. Would my THR be depressing to the other runners? I’m also concerned about having a THR one month before the race I direct. Will I recover in enough time so I’m not hobbling around on race day which would be a bummer for other runners to see? Any thoughts out there?

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