Recently I tried Hokas again since I have been diagnosed as needing a hip replacement and I was looking for a cushioned shoe to walk in.  Not to run in since it hurts to run.  Three years ago when I was running well I tried Hokas but they were too much cushion for me while running and my calf locked up while running in them.  But now, with my hip injury, the Hokas felt great for walking.  So I bought a pair and the are my daily walk around shoe.  Maybe after my hip replacement this Fall I’ll even run in my Hokas.  We’ll see.

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  1. I love my Hokas! But I learned for trail running and uneven surfaces they aren’t the best. I found myself tripping a lot! So for trail runs (and mountain runs) I use a shoe with a lower profile. Brooks Cascadia for me on those……Hoka Cliftons on everything else……

    1. I had my hip replacement a year ago and when I started running again I thought I would try something different from asics. I tried hoka clifton 2 love em. I agree with Tom they are not the most stable shoe off road but brilliant on roads
      Atb Kev

  2. I had Regenexx..to right hip,(stem cell injections.)..please see their website before doing replacement..or even after.. so good!!

  3. I have raced about 700 miles year to date, almost all ultra trail runs. I am 363 days post operation. I am running mostly in Hokas. I think it is the Challenger, trail shoe, that is most stable for off road. Stinsons are a nightmare on trails! Cliftons are the best for me, re speed, and can handle road and gentle trails.

  4. I have the Clifton 2 and that’s the shoe I started using when I resumed running ~3 months post-op. They are indeed super cushioned. I feel like they are slow too but the truth is that I am slow right now.

  5. I’ve found the Hoka’s to be too stiff and narrow for my big feet. I really enjoy the Altra Paradigm. Lot’s of cushion, more flexible than the Hoka, and plenty of room in the toe box.

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