Kiawah Island Triathlon

Good Morning HipRunners..

53 years old and just 1 year after my first hip replacement and less than 4 months after my second (and final haha) hip replacement I completed the Kiawah Island Triathlon.. an Olympic distance tri here in the low country of South Carolina. I can’t even express how happy I am with the results. Not only my first race following THR but my first open ocean swim and I only started running again about 3 weeks ago.
My results
2:41 overall
26:51 swim
1:14 bike (21 mph pace)
55:32 10K run (8:59 pace)!!!!


My right leg ached a little on the bike in the area of the anterior cut and I was worried it would affect my run but it was gone when I got off the bike. I know I have to be careful but I really felt amazing. Running is a privilege and I feel so blessed to be given a second chance.
I took Hip Brother Tom’s advice and linked my Garmin to Strava and joined the HipRunner club on Strava.  Very cool!
I keep saying I’m going to rewrite the book on THRs but you all beat me to it!

6 thoughts on “Kiawah Island Triathlon

  1. Congrats – that’s awesome !! Great times too. Heading to the Berlin Marathon this weekend for my 4th marathon since hip replacement in 2014. Keep at it and keep posting

    1. Good luck in Berlin Ruth, I’ve seen some of your workouts and I know you’re going to do great.

      Bryant, great job on your Tri and especially the run segment. The book has many chapters and I know you have a story to tell, welcome to the club!

  2. congrats! you are an inspiration. been thinking about short distance tri’s as I am not going back to distance running. negotiated with my Doc to keep my ” races” to 10ks and less

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