I’m planning to run again, even if I have to wait a year

Well, P. T. L.; HALLELUJAH; THANK YOU, JESUS, AMEN; I’m back!!!!!!! IT HAS BEEN 151 days since my last upload of my Virgin Pulse Steps. I broke my right hip on 15 April 2016, had a total hip replacement on 17 April 2016, but then the hip went out of socket on me on 16 May 2016, and 03 June 2016. I then HAD a hip REVISION SURGERY on 15 June 2016, and today is Tuesday, 13 September 2016, and I just downloaded my pedometer for the first time since either 14 or 15 April 2016. My GOAL is to eventually be back to RUNNING AGAIN, even if I can’t start doing so for a year. This is HUGE, AMAZING, AWESOME to be back at The Hub in Marion once 37:00 and 6.77 miles and then walked a mile on the track in 20:29.89. My Virgin Pulse Pedometer gave me over 3,500 STEPS today!!!!!!! I want to thank Joshua Shelton, Michele, and Pam at OISI physical therapy who helped me in my recovery.–Still Hoping to Run for Jesus Again, David Reynolds, “Pastor Dave,” HEBREWS 12:1-3 (Y) <3–P. S.  I have been a LONG TIME RUNNER, starting on the original Kenneth Cooper AEROBICS program in June of 1968 when I was 20.  Until my accident on April 15, 2016, I had logged over 33,000, ALMOST 34,000 miles since beginning keeping my log book in September of 1978.

3 thoughts on “I’m planning to run again, even if I have to wait a year

  1. Do you know why you dislocated? I had THR on 02/02/16. Nine weeks later I dislocated after a spinning class. Knee was not going above 90 degrees and I wasn’t sprinting or out of the saddle. Dr got it back into the joint. 12 weeks after that, I was told everything is a go. Took another spin class and dislocated the next day bending down to pick up the cat. Had a revision 07/04/16. Now I’m terrified to do anything. One surgeon says to never get on a road bike again, the original surgeon says to go for it (who is in CYA mode). Wait a year and just swim?

  2. Wow, didn’t realize some of the group had so many issues. I guess most of us have been really lucky with our rehab. Tom has said many times, it took him about 15 months before he felt 100%. For me I took it very easy for 12 months, just running a couple of times a week and only 3 – 4 miles. Once you are confident that everything is good then you can start to build up your distance and speed but you have to be patient. Core strength I think is especially important for us so I do boot camp style training twice a week when I can. Again I would say start that easy but hopefully that helps, good luck.

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