6 Weeks Post-Op Check Up

Today’s 6 week check up went great (Direct Anterior Approach). My next scheduled appointment is in 12 months. I’ve been given the green light to bike, swim and lift weights. Told to hold off  another 8-12 weeks before doing leg strength training or running.

Over the last six weeks I’ve walked a lot for PT. Started gradually but built up to walking 10 miles on Sunday. Muscle memory and flexibility seem to improve each day.

With today’s Dr approval I was finally able to test out the hip: 1000 yds swim, 30 min spin bike, 1/2 treadmill. No Arthritis pain and significant flexibility improvement. I was finally able to reconnect with something I thought might be gone forever.

I know it takes another month or so for the implant to fully heal into the bone.

What are your thought on stretching or yoga  six weeks in ? Too soon ?






5 thoughts on “6 Weeks Post-Op Check Up

  1. Stretching and yoga are excellent alternatives to running but at 6 weeks, I would be very careful to pursue those ventures. As long as the positions don’t put stress on the hip, you should be ok. But proceed with caution and by all means skip any and all stretches that put pressure on the hip. Like you said, the hip is still healing. Better to be safe than to hamper that growth of the artificial hip into the bone.

  2. My question is about healing process. I’ve been told “mostly” healed at 3-4 months & fully healed at 6 months. Is that in general terms? I’m wondering if any of you have experience on alternating easy run/walks 2-3 months after the procedure?
    I am 5 weeks out doing PT & daily walks 3-5 miles, will add running in the pool next week.
    Comments appreciated.

  3. I was told absolutely no running for at least three months. If the bone doesn’t heal properly you will likely never run again. At five weeks I did a 10 mile walk.
    Time takes time. It’s a fine line between pushing and hurting yourself. I feel like I can run, I know it would be stupid. Stay focused on walking, swimming, and biking and once its medically appropriate – have at it. Good Luck !

  4. I started running at 3 months and did a 5K race 1 month later. For the first year I started slow, running just once a week at the beginning and when I felt better/stronger increased it to 2 and by the end of the year was running 3 times a week. I didn’t do yoga for about 2 1/2 years so can’t comment on how quick to do it but I’ve never had any problems with any pose since then. But as Tom says, better to be cautious initially and then start to pick things up after 6 months.

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