Hello Prosthetic my old friend, I’ve come to walk with you again

Well here is my sweet junk on display. This was a candid shot. We considered posing to the left and posing to the right and doing something different with my hair, but I think this one captures my personality well. You can really tell that I am half Irish here; County Cork.

I am guessing the shiny bit is so when I run at night, traffic will see me from a distance. Better than those safety vests, I will tell you that.

Slick as ice.

The other side looks like it wasn’t afflicted with osteoarthritis. Sad really, looks kinda dull.

Doc was adamant that I cannot run after surgery, today he was talking about when I run again….real paradigm shift there. I left the office with my jaw dragging on the floor.

Doc said, “keep using two crutches, don’t use a cane”. As when we walk with a cane, we walk askew. Two crutches we are aligned straight. Makes sense.

Surgery: Dec 2nd. Eighteen days later (today), pulled staples. Can shower now.

’tis a good day.

“The words of the prosthetics are written on the subway walls…”



4 thoughts on “Hello Prosthetic my old friend, I’ve come to walk with you again

  1. Enjoy your early Christmas present & yes you will be running again. I’ve had both done & morning better for it. Can’t chat longer.am off for a run. 🙂

  2. Hi Christopher, welcome to the club. You’re not alone and you can run again, as little or as far as you want. Just take your time for the first 6 months to a year and rest when you feel sore. Your hip will thank you later for taking extra days to rest. Good luck with your recovery. Dave.

  3. Yes welcome to the club Christopher. I am glad the doc started singing a new tune. You’ll be fine as long as you listen to the hip and don’t overdo it. Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  4. Instead of making a whole new post about a not-so-significant piece of news, I thought I would just slam it down here in the comments of my own post. Entertain me, if anything, when I look back on these early days.

    Had my first self-driven physio workout today. Every movement known to man was undertaken quite a few times, plus as a bonus, every known movement to spiders was undertaken. I shall be sore tomorrow, as well as able to slip into small cracks and underneath doors.


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