First jog 3 months post op

I’ve trained almost every day since I got medical clearance to resume normal activities.  I’ve substituted swimming, biking  and low impact cardio machines  for running, hoping this would pave my way back. All traces of arthritis pain are gone, but I haven’t totally recalibrated to the new normal.  I have very little surgical numbness, range of motion is dramatically improved but there is still lingering low grade tingling and pulsing in what I believe is soft tissue. I’ve scheduled a appointment to re-confirm healing is complete and hardware is set. With all that in mind, and my surgeons strong bias not too, I was reluctantly given the green light to run, if I must.

I chose to start on a treadmill in a effort to minimize some of the impact. Through lots of roadwork walking I’ve discovered I prefer the feel of the road more then cushioning.   I’ve moved away from heavily cushioned Hoka’s, and landed on Newton’s. My balance, stride and gait have changed and less shoe  counter intuitively feels better.

I started to envision a 5k with 1/4 mile repeats at breakneck pace as I drove to the gym. I’m thankful I recognized the stupidity of this as I found the machine. Even still, I started too fast. I was high on adrenaline. After a few short strides I put the speed at 7 for a bit, then 8 and 9. It didn’t take long for my hip to tell me to lay off the throttle. I settled into a measured pace at 6 and stayed there with brief returns to 7 for the duration of a mile. I could’ve gone faster and further but I was able to connect with the truth. I haven’t run in over a year, heavier, had my hip replaced three months ago, and this wasn’t my crucible. Reluctantly, common sense won the day.

As I write this, I’m thankful I took it slow. My hip feels fine but the rest of my body feels the impact. All in all, I feel great. I did not expect to be back this quickly. I will slowly add more mileage and speed with a heavy emphasis on listening to my body.  2017 GET SOME !!

2 thoughts on “First jog 3 months post op

  1. Good to hear that you are doing less shoe. I think minimalism is intuitively better feeling; it’s natural, the Hokas should cause issues with your feet not developing and the larger than natural bounce effect from too much shoe. The stronger your feet and ankle and lower leg are, the less the surface will matter on the so-called impact of running on any surface.

    Will be interesting to hear how you progress.

  2. Congrats on your first run and for listening to your body/mind. You have plenty of time ahead of you, it’s more important for the first year to build up strength and fitness and then you can start on speed and distance.

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