4 Month update

One of things discussed during my pre-op consult was the possibility that I might forget that I ever had my hip replaced. I recall the timeline for this being somewhere around two years. Fortunately, four months in and I’m already having this experience.  I’m back to boot camp style HIT classes, treadmill running, swimming, biking, yoga and lifting. I’m back to feeling like myself. My energy level and stamina are back to normal.  I actually listen to my body now, I listen to pain. I let it guide me. I’m looking forward to adding some longer runs and eventually adding speed work. So far 2017 is off to a amazing start, I’m happy to be a hiprunner.


3 thoughts on “4 Month update

  1. Igo, having someone like you who is just ahead of where I’m at is so encouraging! Like you I’m planning on getting back to running at the 4 month mark.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Igo, I love my boot camps, biking (ElliptiGo), swimming and yoga, keep doing them and they’ll keep you strong for running.

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