All important 78-day follow-up and check-in and report and update and blog entry and status report and whereabouts prominence

Yesterday, so I guess really “77-day report,” I walked a 10K trail loop with ski poles. Note, not “walking poles”, but downhill ski poles, just because.

I probably walked about 15K yesterday including a 1.5K walk from car park to race start area (photo shooting) and then back again, plus the 10K, plus random other movement while I was out and about, for example grocery shopping, which is good because the shopping cart is like having poles – gives stability in the effort to walk perfectly straight. And if I was dyslexic, they would be “sik lopes” – a dyslexic Fruedian misnomer.

In this case, we put the cart before the horse, metaphorically and malapropism-ally.

Anyway, the coordination to take advantage of the poles required no time whatsoever. I plan to drop those bad boys soon, so have no intention of buying nordic-walking poles.

So no problems whatsoever from the extreee walking.  I find this interesting as the most I have walked since my surgery date on December 2nd, was about 3K in one go. So to jump ahead to 10K and 15K for the day is exciting, especially with having no repercussions.

Well there were repercussions, but I solved that issue with a mouth-watering bottle of Earth’s Heavenly nectar, a double bock (ice-bock stout that you have at room temperature) known as Hermannator; it’s the elixer of life. A seasonal fare that provides a note of caramel and dates and a hint of a nuts and molasses finish; perfectly paired with a juicy steak well seasoned and cooked just so on the barbie.

We had nachos, but added beef. Hermannator pairs with anything actually. Even hot buttered popcorn.

Have played table tennis (don’t call it Ping Pong (®) ) for about a month. Record at work is currently about 100-15 and that’s with my opponents taking advantage of my inability to dive through the air, due to THR.

I can see doing short ultras in my future. I couldn’t really before. But rather than do road marathons, I can see doing trail 50K races (30 mile). So I might go for that.

I love racing 800-metres, but the nuero-muscular function has to be so high, where in an ultra, the running is pretty low-profile.

…just thinking out loud. Feel free to unknow most of the latter bits.






3 thoughts on “All important 78-day follow-up and check-in and report and update and blog entry and status report and whereabouts prominence

  1. Christopher. Don’t discount future table tennis diving. The new hip will allow you to do that too! Sounds like you are doing well! Keep it up!

  2. I also have my sights on longer runs, but am starting slow with 5K or so at a time. My longest so far has been a 32K (done before the surgery, denial is a powerful thing). Long runs give you an excuse to go slow and eat whatever the hell you want. Also you find all sorts of new hobbies, i.e., things that will hurt that are not arthritis-related. Good times …

    A local race here has a “fun run” division — 20 miles. Heh.

  3. Hi Christopher, Good luck with your future running and short ultra’s, they’re certainly doable with a THR. Just be careful and listen to your body, back off the training when your hip is sore and make sure you do plenty of strength/flexibility training. Can’t wait to hear how you do.

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