Got the green light, suckas. Timing is everything.

Me seven years ago, leading the Landsend half marathon. Ran the first 10K in a near personal best of 37:XX, then faded to 10th and finished in 1:23:58. Master age 42, I think….okay eight years ago. Maybe I was 43 or 44….who cares?

Timing is everything.

Got the green light to spin. My ultra-conservative surgeon gave me the green light to start spinning lightly. To go clipless, not stand up, but get on the bike, but don’t take to the roads just yet.

Tomorrow it will be three months: Dec 2 -> March 2.

He made references to running, but didn’t say, “one day run” – not sure if he was hinting or what – but if he is going to leave it up to me to interpret what he is saying, then as far as I am concerned, he explicitly said, “get out and run all you want,” which cannot be further from the truth.

“The process is a year,” he said.

Holy shit.

I have been playing table tennis and am now about 120-wins – 20-losses, with the cripplyness. The work opponents have been trying to take advantage of my inability to dive through the air.

They are going down.

Although they are getting better and better, like being chased in a dream, slow-mo through the mud, I will wake just in time to avoid being eaten by the cannibals. Or being beaten by a crappy table tennis player.

Anyway, I will spin tomorrow. Playoffs are coming up. Spring is in the air. Timing couldn’t be better….not to mention we have a work-party table tennis tournament coming up this week.

They are going down.

Timing is everything.

4 thoughts on “Got the green light, suckas. Timing is everything.

  1. Congratulation!!.. “Green Light”!!! GO!! 2.29.16 I’m a left Year Left Hip Revision! With size 7 in place and 40mm screw.. My last RUN was 7.4.15.. then 7.22.15! Anterior Left hip “well it Failed ” different Dr. And had the Revision 7 mths after … then 12.16 ” right knee meniscus ” tear .FRom all the wobble I’ve endured… .. GREEN LIGHT .. on February 5, 2017!! I walked with walking sticks .. my First 5k!! Over the bridge and back .. so excited.. .. PR was 1:02 .. that’s OK!! .. I’m getting stronger.. regaining Strength and endurance.. Elliptical..I’m up to 30 min @ a steady pace … and My “sit” stationary bike … .. Absolutely Correct… Timing is Everything!! Best Wishes to You!

  2. My money is on you Christopher! With that attitude, they are DEFINITELY going down! Good luck with the running! Every day will get better and better!

  3. Cheers.

    Won 5 out of 6 games yesterday, to give them hope. Took it away though blasting a sixth win at the end of the day.

    I am creating monsters though.

  4. I agree to give it a year before you push it and see what you can still do. Okay to set race distance goals but I wouldn’t worry about the time right now. Once you’ve found your legs you can then see where they take you.

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