Just a little data update

Three months and four days since surgery.

We have a lake route around here that we call “the lakes”….don’t ask….

It’s 10K and is quite flat, but is primarily a dirt surface and being in the rain forest, here, it is muddy, but there are gravelly parts too.

I used to run it in 39-48 minutes depending on purpose of run and race it in 37-38.

First walk around two weeks ago, with ski poles: 2:04:38. Last week: 1:57:37 yesterday: 1:47:28.

Who has money? Let’s wager I go for a 1:33:xx next week. Who’s in?


1 thought on “Just a little data update

  1. Christopher,

    That bet would be hard to go against. Before you know it, you’ll be under an hour. Guaranteed!

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