5 Months Post Op

The performance training coach at the Y asked me yesterday if I’m crazy. She is part of a long line of people who like to ask this question, which includes, my wife, parents, friends, and most people I know. The crazy question revolves around training intensity with my new hip.

Why are you doing box jumps ? Are you crazy ?

Why are you pushing so hard ? Are you crazy ?

My total hip replacement was Oct 3, 2016. The year prior to that was one filled with incredible pain, loss of mobility, depression, fear and hopelessness.  I got to the point where my first waking thought was doom. I believed I would never be able to do anything athletic again. I believed I was done, which was crazy.

Today I push myself because I can. If that means burning some time on the back end of the prosthesis, so be it.

I followed all of the post op protocols and was patient.

Today – I push myself because I can. I listen to my body. I feel absolutely grateful and blessed to have a new lease on life.

Living in pain is crazy.

Living life to the fullest is the sanest thing I’ve ever done.




7 thoughts on “5 Months Post Op

  1. Whoa! That is an IMPRESSIVE box jump! Especially considering the fact that you had your hip replaced just 6 months ago.

    Your quote:

    Living in pain is crazy.
    Living life to the fullest is the sanest thing I’ve ever done.
    GET SOME !!

    THAT should be a new Hip Runner bumper sticker!

    Keep it up Chris! Nice Work!

  2. THAT’s what I am talking about, right there. Good attitude.

    That’s what I have been saying to people, “who cares about the back end, we have no data, live and find out – within reason.”

    I just had a conversation with a Phd, who specialises in the return to movement after joint replacement. His words, “we have no data and we have no proof that there is more wear when running.”

  3. You go Christopher! Love it. I 100% agree!!! You have to live your life — that’s the point, right??? Congrats!!!!

  4. I am crazy but I’m not sure I’d be doing box jumps, maybe it’s because I don’t think I could otherwise I would. I live life the same way, who knows where we are and what we can do, there i no point living a life of regret and what if, live life to the fullest and love it. There’ll be many great memories from you post THR days, I know I have a ton. Keep it up and good luck, ignore the doubters.

  5. Seems reasonable to me. I started running at 6 mos but had been weight training since 2 mos post surgery. Good on ya! The joy of movement is not to be underestimated or taken for granted. Best all!

  6. I am eight weeks THR on my right hip and can’t believe how good I feel. I walked without a cane after day two and gave it looked back. I was conservative until about week five when I decided to walked 30k of a 50k beach Ultra. Now I am training for a 30k weighted ( 25lbs.) ruck sack event for vets. Plan is to start running in three more weeks and see where it takes me.

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