The Professor and Mary-Anne, here on Gilligan’s Island.

We are afloat in a sea of ignorance, sailing on the S.S. Minnow and are about to land on a deserted island.

I would still pick Mary-Anne over Ginger.

I was talking to a professor yesterday. He was busy connecting a transistor radio to coconut shells and picking up some Japanese broadcast (he was driving and fading in and out of connectivity).

Anyway, he said that there is (we know this) no reliable data on wear rates of long-term running on artificial hips. There is some data on self-measured so-called “high impact” activity and there still is no significant wear rates that lead to revision from those activities. No causation/correlation.

Just anecdotal information.

Forget Gilligan, I feel like Magellan.

The professor is an assistant professor (Phd), who specialises specifically in post-joint replacement return to movement. The advice we are given is not based on scientific information.


1 thought on “The Professor and Mary-Anne, here on Gilligan’s Island.

  1. Christopher! Nice work posting the facts that we know. And when it comes to Gillian’s Island, I am in the same boat with you.

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