Deep in the rainforest; progress update.

Mark on your to do-list: Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Wickanninish Inn.

Just a 3.5 hour drive for us, but still stunning. Surf all year round if you have a 4/5mm wet suit.

Got in their gym today, this 101st day of post total hip replacement surgery.

20:00 stationary bike
15:00 eliptical
15:00 treadmonster (about 3:00 of running, shhhh don’t tell anyone)

Then a bunch of gym stuff.



4 thoughts on “Deep in the rainforest; progress update.

  1. Christopher! Are you in Seattle? If so let’s get together and run. Better yet! Come to Spokane and run Bloomsday.

  2. Tom,

    No. I am in Victoria, BC.

    I am well aware of Spokane and Bloomsday and Don K.

    Spokane Chiefs have a good WHL franchise.

    Love Seattle.

    Tofino is a 3.5 – 4 hour drive from Victoria. You have to go over three mountain passes and take some wicked roads to get there, but the surfing and the beauty and the lifestyle are to die for.

    Long beach, bears, wolves, cougars, surfers, orcas, grays, humpbacks…..mountains, old growth rain forests with 1000 year old cedars and Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir….

    Here is Athletics Illustrated, which I own:, where I have interviewed many of the greatest runners all-time including Rod Dixon, Haile Gebr, Paula Radcliffe, Kenenisa Bekele, Deena Kastor, Sonia O’Sullivan….bout 1000 interviews….Sir Richard Branson….

    …Hey…I haven’t interviewed Don yet.

    1. Christopher, Tofino sounds like a beautiful place. Victoria is a bit of a ways away, but I see us meeting up down the road to run a race somewhere. Yes, I think its time you give Don a call. He’s been tied to Bloomsday since the beginning.

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