Megadestroyer Imperial….

Megadestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout is one tasty beer. Howe Sound Brewery. That and Pothole Filler, that’s another Stout that’s tasty and less licoricey – also brewed by Howe Sound. Then there is Hermannator, the finest Double Ice Bock beer on the planet, earth’s heavenly nectar. Contains hints of caramel, molasses, nuts and coffee, with a slightly tart finish of walnut and an essence of good old wholesome yum. It sustains me.

I know someone who has the last known bottle to man (and woman too), I am going to take him hostage for his beer. They brew again for November, but we are moving towards the warm season: hops (IPA) and Heffeweissens. I cannot hold out that long, like Mizner, wouldn’t last the night in a bamboo cage (Vietnam War, Once a Runner reference).

Sorry. Lost track, what I was going to talk about was, remember when I posted and I was saying that my first hobble around Elk-Beaver Lakes (10K trail) was 2:04, then the following week 1:57, then the following week 1:47?

Well this week it was ….drum roll please….1:38, ta-da!

That’s 26-minute improvement. But, just to keep shit real, that’s an hour and one minute slower than my personal best on the course BA HA HA HA HA.

That’s why I am currently enjoying a Megadestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout.

Sunday, I go for a sub-1:30:00 and a hostage taking.

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