10 X 5K Ultra

Checking in 10 months post-op (second hip May 2016, first hip Sep 2015,) completed a 10 X 5K ultra last Saturday.  You run a 5K every hour, on the hour, for 10 hours. Fun right?  It doesn’t seem too bad until around 5K number 7… when the wheels can start to come off the bus.  I had done one before, pre-op and found myself struggling during that one due to bad hips and the problem of just tightening up and very tired legs.  My strategy this time was to rest between each 5K by rolling out my legs and hips on a foam roller and walking around to stay loose.  I’ve learned that on any ultra sitting down is your worst enemy.  It paid off this time… finished 31 miles with a total time of 4 hours and 23 minutes or about an 8:30 pace overall.

Got a 50K coming up in May to celebrate the first full year with 2 new hips.



9 thoughts on “10 X 5K Ultra

  1. Wow congrats,i did my hip 24/10-16 and tomorrow i will do my first halfmarathon after op. In Juli i will run a backyard ultra 6,7 km every hour 24 laps=100 miles is my goal.

    1. Anders, that sounds like an awesome run. 100 miles seems so out of reach right now but is a goal of mine eventually. I’ve gotten to know a lot of ultra runners in the last few years. You guys motivate me!

  2. Question:

    How many miles are you running a week, consistently? What percentage is trail?


    Christopher Kelsall

  3. Great job! I’ve heard of these 10 x 5K’s and they sound like fun. I’m going to have to find one to do sometime. Keep up the good work. Good luck with your 50K.

  4. Way to go Bryant! That is great progress. What a great example you are to the rest of this community. Keep up the great work.

  5. Thanks Dave, it really is an awesome run… very social. I highly recommend doing one. I’m nervous about the 50K and expect it will be a fair mix of run/walk!

  6. Wow! Congrats! I am impressed, as I would rather not stop and have to try and stay loose. I would be biting at the bit to just get the 30k done asap. This to me would require a totally different mental focus. Great job!

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