Another improvement.


Same old post, just cut out a lot of the text:

Weight was 167 is now 143 – so 24 pounds lighter (at 5’9″).

Surgery: Dec. 2, 2016

56:56 – Monday, September 26
57:55 – Thursday, September 20…
58:38 – Tuesday, September 12…finally sub-60, 21 minutes to go!
60:43 – Saturday, September 9 – haha cruel and unusual treatment.
1:01 – Friday, August 25 – Ugh…almost there.
1:04 – Thurs, June 15 – 1 hour faster than Feb 26th, first time out.
1:06 – Tues, May 30.
1:07 – Thurs, May 25*
1:08 – Thurs, May 18. (note to self: lose 30 pounds).
1:09 – Thurs, May 4. May the 4th was with me.
1:13 – Sat, April 29 – Need to do more physio. These are the only effort outings I have done….
1:15 – Thurs, April 13 – Taking a week or two off this route as I am just chasing time…
1:16 – Sun, April 9 – ran about 11-12 minutes – 48:00 improvement in 42 days – 10 laps.
1:18 – Thurs, April 6 – ran about 10 minutes
1:22 – Fri, March 31 – ran about 6-7 minutes total – 33 days since first trip around lakes.
1:25 – Sun, March 27 – ran about 6-7 minutes total
1:29 – Wed, March 23 – ran about 5-6 minutes total
1:35 – Sun, March 19 – ran about 1 minute total
1:38 – Thurs, March 16 – no running
1:47 – Sun, March 12 – no running
1:57 – Sun, March 5 – no running
2:04- Sun, Feb. 26 – no running

*The asterisk is there because I had a massive brain fart and clicked “stop” on Garminder and then start 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 minutes later – who knows. So doing the math I started faster at 65:00 pace, for the first three K, then ended slower for the final 3K, based on my usual slow-down I suspect I would have come in at 67:00….

Some surgery site soreness, nearly 100% recovered next day…not quite.

Old note:

Okay, don’t laugh at the over analysis – just for entertainment purposes only. Not to be used for the purposes of betting or sarcasm.

The off-road 10K that I have been doing (see efforts below) is actually about 6.06 miles, so 9.82 kms. In racing, it is typically one minute slower for runners around from 30:00 to 45:00 +/- a little on either end of the spectrum, because of the surface in comparison to their road 10K.

Now here is an equation that I find anecdotally to be quite good: “For every pound that you are over optimum weight, you lose two seconds per-mile per-pound.” So if you are for example 10 pounds over optimum race weight and race a 10K, you should be two minutes slower, all else being equal. Well I am 25-30 pounds heavier…..165 vs 135-137.

So let’s take six minutes off for being morbidly obese and one minute off plus a little (because I am slow – other end of the spectrum) and that is at least seven minutes of fasterness, than I currently am: 1:07:00 – 7:00 = 60:00 or 59:59’99 because as any runner knows, you see the clock-a-ticking towards a benchmark, you go a little faster…..

I used to run the route in 37:00-48:00 depending on the purpose of the run.

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  1. Good progress Christopher, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be under an hour. Don’t push it too hard and rest when you need to, patience will get you over the end line.

  2. Ditto. I can always tell when I’ve pushed it a little — not really sore, but I notice that it feels sort of stiff. Has happened after running, or if yoga poses were particularly “stretchy” in the hip area that day. But stiffness has gone away quickly after rest. Ah so, grasshopper. Being patient is tough.

  3. Nice work Christopher. At the rate you are improving, you’ll be running world record times in 2 months.

  4. Thanks.

    I plan to break the marathon world record of 2:02:57 before Eluid does. Or Kimetto. BTW I interviewed Kimetto at Athletics Illustrated.

    Looking to go sub 1:20:00 Tuesday or Wednesday see if I can run 50% of the route. If I do, I will be sub-1:15. bloody slow, but so much faster than the 2:04:00 for first trip around….

    Mowed the lawn like a boss. Killed it. Probably set a standard that will be difficult to break. Too bad I didn’t time it, my personal best on the lawn mow is 38:00.

    Rototilled the garden too. Like a boss.

    Totally turned the soil into a fine, rake-able with a hair comb layer….

  5. Wow, what an improvement!

    I’m eager to start running again myself at the moment. Surgery was 6 months ago today, and I’ve had a really slow recovery with lots of problems with leg length discrepancy. I walk around an hour each day with my dog, and am thinking about throwing some jogging into the mix.

    One question: How on earth do you manage running with walking poles? I have a pair myself, quite useful during the first months of recovery, but I never contemplated using them as a running aid.

    Thank you for an inspiring story! 🙂

  6. Hi,

    Ever downhill ski? If you have, each pole plant is on the side you are about to turn into….

    Similar rhythm. My arms are getting a workout at the same time, so it is like being on the eliptical sorta.

    I try to lean forward a tad and plant well ahead…..and almost use the end of the plant to push a little…..but you have to remember that – tough with nice scenery!

    They keep the stride straight, so instead of running like Ray Charles, I am running smooth like a…..runner! But with the poles.


  7. Thank you, Cristopher! Yes, downhill skiing is one of the other things I’ve been looking forward to doing again. Will try the poles sometime soon, sounds fun.

    Actually went for my first “run” today. 5 minutes jogging in total. Felt amazing! A bit tight in the groin area, but nothing I can’t handle. So happy about this! 😀

  8. Thanks for the log. So about 3 1/2 months post op to try jogging. I am 7 1/2 weeks post op THR after a crash running around Pass Mountain in AZ. I was wondering about time frame to try jogging. I can bike 20 miles and plan to swim 4K end of June, but will have to patient with trying to run. But your log gives me hope.

    1. Every doc is different Phil. The key is, when “you” decide to do it, let the hip be your guide. Initially, its going to feel really weird running again. But over time it gets better. Just be sure not to push beyond what the hip is telling you on that day. This is important early as the surgery site is still recovering.

      Hip Brother Tom.

  9. I would consult your bone mechanic. I find each one is so different, for example, you cycle 20 miles after 7.5 weeks, I am not allowed to cycle outdoors until early May, which is six months considering it was Dec 2 – so counting all of Dec….

    I see some people can go at it quite early. I am wondering if that has to do with being cemented vs uncemented.

    Do you know if you are cemented? I am not, perhaps therefore the longer wait for the bone to adopt the prosthetic??

  10. Hi Christopher! Thanks for this series of performances, I am of a mind to join you in your pursuit of the magical 60 minutes. My op was May 2nd 2017 and I have a BHR from 2014 as well. I am still at racing weight of 135lbs though so I have an instant advantage!
    15th June I did my first offroad 10k (field paths, golf course, canal towpath) and rounded it up to full distance with a couple of laps of my front garden to keep Garmin happy, in 1:46 with no running. Will probably repeat in a couple of weeks as a test but 5k is my regular running distance so am focusing on that. I ran last Saturday (to become an official Hiprunner) in a time of 31:43 – 5 weeks and one day since leaving hospital. Saw surgeon on Tuesday for my 6 week check, he smiled and said carry on, and OK for road biking if I am careful…
    Cheers, Pete

  11. Thanks for the message, Pete.

    I have lost a couple of pounds, but you do have me, I still need to lose another 25+.

    I would be below 60 if: I was 30 pounds lighter.

    You lose, two seconds per mile per pound over optimum weight. So I can knock off six minutes that way ….

    Is a BHR a Birmingham ?

    1. I heard that to Christopher. 2 seconds per mile per pound. Wow! Losing 10 lbs would do wonders for me. 🙂

      1. I really believe that for people within the range of average height this is an accurate formula. A road race series we have here, they line up the top-10 in the five-year age-groups, so as you can images, here are a lot of awards given out. I get a chance to see 1 and 10 a lot and observe. the rows end up being what looks like a lose weight contest, number 1 is almost 100% of the time thinner than number 10 by quite a bit….and 1-4 underweight 7-10 almost always.

        I have looked at people and said, “you have lost X pounds, yes?” and they agree and the math works out nearly every single time……

        I can’t wait to lose that weight. Now with a THR, I am sure the fatigue and atrophied muscle’s pain will be a lot less, if I can lose 30 pounds, so the training will be better…..

  12. Yes. I was supposed to get the other the same but my femoral head broke off during the op. I have a Zimmer ceramic device instead..

  13. Yes. I was supposed to get the other the same but my femoral head broke off during the op. I have a Zimmer ceramic device instead..
    Today’s 5k went in 30:55 but felt really hard work, and a bit limpy, in the unaccustomed sunshine.

  14. Congrats Chistopher! I love seeing the progression/updates. It really paints a great picture or the progress one can expect to make!

    1. Thanks. earlier you wrote sub 1:00 by mid-July, that’s a month away.

      Might be able to do that, I am at 1:04 and am losing weight….might just make that a serious goal, ha.

  15. Easy pickins’, Tom.

    I would have had that Friday, if I started faster. I started faster yesterday and was sub-6:00 for the first two K, then the leg (a tendon?) got a kink and it hurt too much so quit just before for k, and not put out about it, as I know there will be lots of shitty days.

    The real money should be when I go sub-50 and then sub-40.

    Drops the mic.

  16. Hi Chris, congratulations on the recent improvements!
    I had stopped trying to run 10k because it seemed a bit counter-productive (I got slower over 5k and it hurt a bit) but this morning decided to try again, on a flat pavement & riverbank course, and managed 58:08. According to my Garmin this was ‘overreaching’ but I thought it was reasonably steady. Will try again in a couple of weeks perhaps, at the moment you still have the edge over me!

  17. Hard to say. The runs are off-road, so I would have you there, but they are 9.7 -9.8K in distance… pretty even.

    I find the IT band and perhaps another tendon don’t like anything over 4K or so, so I need to roll and massage the area…..fade in all runs…..takes two years or 16 months to two years??

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