Go Zags!

Rusty is correct!  I am a H-U-G-E Zags fan.  I went to school there, Ran XC there, Coached XC there (4 years), met my wife there, and now I live 2 blocks off campus. Me and 3 of my running buddies made the trip.  We’re getting in some running and we are taking in some good basketball.  On top of that, I am winning my basketball bracket at work.  Big BIG game tonight for all of the marbles!  Cheer on the Zags fellow hip runners!  Or give me a bad time about your Tarheels!


3 thoughts on “Go Zags!

  1. Dang! Sorry Tom — What a game and such a close finish! I was rooting for the Zags too — Their time will come I know soon but thought this was their year 🙁

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