Bloomsday in 1 Week

After a long (and I do mean LONG) winter, my achilles is finally bouncing back.  Prior to last weekend, my runs seemed painful and felt slow.  Last weekend I signed up for the Pink Ribbon Run.  It was formally known as the Race for the Cure, but was rebranded this year.  The race is only 5 kilometers long, but I figured I needed it to get some speed training in before Bloomsday weekend.   Admittedly, my mindset has not been good.  The achilles injury had me behind on my training and every run seemed to tell me that I was getting too out of shape and too old to run.   I was seriously thinking that I would be lucky if I could average 7 minute miles.  When the gun went off I settled into a decent pace and was surprised to see that I was hanging around 6:30-6:45 pace.  My finish time of 20:14 was not a world record, but I was very pleased with it.  I was thankful that I signed up for that race.  It reminded me that sometimes a race is all you need to get back into the swing of things.

Speaking of getting back into the swing of things, the hip runner store has been updated with new product.  I have had to turn a few Hip Runners away due to the a lack of inventory, but new product is in.   So check out the store and see what we’ve got.  I’ve even added a new item….hats.  Very cool and very hip.  Check out the Hip Runner Shop here.

Happy Running everyone!


5 thoughts on “Bloomsday in 1 Week

  1. !!!!! Sub-7s !!!!! I’m lucky to get below 10s on trails here, and that’s on a downhill, with a tailwind, and Mercury in retrograde. Sounds like you’re doing awesome.

    And glad the Achilles is better. That’s a bear of an injury. Happy running!

  2. 6:30-6:45 pace! Holy Cow! for someone like me, awaiting THR that’s encouraging. The seen at Katz’s Delicatessen in the Movie “When Harry Met Sally” comes to mind. ” I’ll Have What she’s Having” Comes to mind.
    Dr. Sir ….I’d like one of those prosthetic’s Please!

    PS. Tom Good Luck Sunday, Hopefully your Achilles and the weather will cooperate. I will be running (limping) the Eugene Marathon the same day. I ran Bloomsday with a bunch of friends way back in 1978 ( I think that was the year) when I was an Engineering Student at WSU …shows my age. Fond memories of that race, I have, This was the Race that got me started Road racing

    1. Bloomsday went better than anticipated. Maintained sub 7’s and although it was one of my slower times, I am pleased. Next year, hopefully I will be able to train injury free.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I’m not a hip runner yet, but have it coming up on my right hip someday (almost down to zero joint gap…congenital problem there) so I’m getting prepared 8)

    Re: Achilles problems. Back when i started running at age 52, I had this a lot. Now I have zero problems..for me two things worked:
    1) Switched to shoes that were less ‘stuff’..i.e. grab toe box in left hand, heel in right hand , and try to fold up the shoe.
    2) Changed my running style to ‘Chi running’. The style is to have a straight back, fast turnover and lean forward to speed up by letting out the stride. Basically you have no tension in your lower leg and don’t do any big-toe push-off. After a run if you vigorously ‘pitch’ your lower calf above the tendon it sold not be sore…

    After I did solution #1 I didn’t have AT problems but I still had lots of calf trigger points and such after hard runs. Once every couple years I’d gate a calf strain. After solution #2 I have neither problem, 30 marathons later.

    Cheers! And thanks for starting this forum!


    1. Hi Paul!
      Good Advice for sure! 30 marathons later shows that your changes worked. With 30 marathons under your belt (after age 52) I’d say you are a bona-fide expert on this subject. I will keep this in mind!


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