First Race Post Hip Replacement

Started ramping up my running very gradually at 3 months post op,, consisted of 1 minute light jog, 1 minute walk,, worked up to 22 minutes of running at a moderate pace. Did my first triathlon since my THR last week( 5 months post op) and was amazed at how comfortable I felt coming off the bike. Last year it was misery making that transition due to hip pain. I finished 3rd in my age group ( 60-64) and even though my run pace was slow ( 9:28/mile) it gave me a huge boost in confidence that if I continue to gradually ramp up my runs I should cut that time by 1 minute/mile. Had only some slight pain in the gluteus minimus which disappeared after 2 days. Rolled it out and had my trigger point therapist give it a going over.

Will stick with shorter sprint distances this year and see how it continues to progress. I was quite happy with my results and hope others have had same results

1 thought on “First Race Post Hip Replacement

  1. Running a Tri after just 5 months!!! and 3rd in your Age Group no less??? Yeah you SHOULD feel confident! Congrats to that achievement! Nice work athlete! THR Tough!

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